Fifty shades…

Of cranes.

There was a simple pile of fabric scraps.  There wasn’t anything specifically spectacular about the scraps.  Just your run of the mill, every day, rainbow scraps.  The scraps didn’t feel very confident; I mean, they were just scraps.  They didn’t quite fit into quilts, and they’d just been put in a drawer, some of them for years.

One day, these scraps had a chance encounter with a pattern.  A very neat, crisp, well put together pattern.


This pattern noticed the fabric and saw it as more than just ordinary.  The pattern saw the scraps as malleable.  These scraps could be taken from their broken form and made into something beautiful.


But this pattern had rules.  Specific, particular rules.  This pattern was to be paper pieced.  This pattern had very odd tastes in how to treat fabric.

The fabric had to agree to be folded over, sewn down, even cut up at times.  But with all of this manipulation, the pattern would make the fabric it’s best form of itself.

After a little time, the pattern pulled the scraps together to form a beautiful quilt top.  A quilt top that I’m calling fifty shades of cranes.

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I  used this pattern that I found on Pinterest.  I used all scrap fabric, and I am using an origami animal scattered patterned fabric that I got two years ago on my guild’s shop hop that has been waiting for the perfect project.  I barely made a dent in my scraps, but this was so much fun.  I hope you all loved my quilty interpretation of what I assume Fifty Shades of Grey is like.

Until next time, happy sewing!

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