Upcoming Events

Here’s a look at the events I’ve got coming up in April!

First of all, thanks for anyone who comes out to see me at events.  They’re always a weird mix of exciting, scary and a whole bag of emotions.  Familiar faces and people who “know me from the internet” (or even real life!) really helps.

The first event I have lined up for what I’m hoping is a really great year is Crafty Nashville at Track One.  This event is from 10 am – 5 pm on April 1st in Nashville, TN.  I’ll be inside against a wall, I’m not sure which wall yet, but if you follow my Instagram I’ll probably post a picture the night before and the morning of so you can get an idea.  This event is put on by a really great family team who puts a lot of thought into their events.  It’s entirely handmade vendors and a really supportive community to be associated with.  If you’re planning on coming to this event, please bring some canned goods and non-perishable food items that will benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.  Here is a list of a lot of items you may not think about that are graciously accepted.

Also, if you’re worried about parking, use the code crafty to get $50 in Lyft credits.  There’s probably some restrictions to that, so please be mindful of that. (don’t go trying to use that in Utah or something!)

The second event I have lined up is the Nashville Cherry blossom Festival.  This event is put on by the Japan-America Society of Tennessee and is a celebration of Japanese culture and Spring.  I’ve actually been to this event in the past when it was first starting up, and it was really nice.  I’m really looking forward to going to it now that it’s grown so much.  To be a part of this event as a vendor you have to have either Japanese themed items or cherry blossom themed items, so I’ve been making as many cute animals as possible, as well as my origami crane quilt.  The event will have anything you can think of from sushi to sumo wrestling to cosplay and educational events throughout the day.  It’s also SUPER kid friendly, so bring everyone!  (HELLO KITTY BOUNCY HOUSE OMG!)  If you’re interested, there is also a free cherry blossom walk that starts at 9 am.

If you come by one of these events, drop by and say hello!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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