A look at my works in progress, and an update on previously mentioned WIPS!

One of my goals this year was to complete a bunch of quilts that I’ve already started and I would say I’ve gotten a great start on that!

Small Bright quilt: Finished!


All this little baby needed was a piece of border, quilting, and binding!

Rainbow Quilt: Almost finished!


Thanks from my lovely assistant, I got this quilted, and this weekend I attached the binding (not pictured)!  I used Caroline Friedlander Doe Wideback fabric for the back, which is really simple and sweet on the back of this colorful quilt.

Origami Cranes Quilt: Almost finished!


(Actually, this may be finished by the time this post actually goes up.)

I’ve finished quilting this and have my binding attached, but I wanted to bind this one and the rainbow quilt at the same time, so I’ve just had it sitting over there, binding flipped, waiting to be sewn down!

As for some other works in progress; big brown is still being snuggled by Al, waiting to be quilted.  The Illuminati confirmed baby triangles quilt is also just waiting, a bunch of little triangles, waiting.  I’m probably tackling big brown next since it’s the farthest along.  I still need to get the backing of my husband’s Star Wars quilt done, too, but when you’re picky about things, they take longer!  I’ve got lots of projects still dying to get started, and I am going to get to them…this whole work thing really gets in the way of my quilt time! 😉

What about you?  What have you been working on?  Until next time, happy sewing!

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