A Book Look: The Roanoke Girls

A review of this novel, available now!

Welcome back to a post series I’m calling: A Book Look, where I give you a look at a book I’m reading or just finished.

So if you know me, you know how much I love scary things.  I love scary stories, boogie men, murder mysteries, you name it.  I mean, when your head is so full of rainbows, stuffed animals and quilts all the time, you need something to even it out.

(is that a thing? I’m going with yes.)

When I saw this book, I was really interested in diving right in.  Missing girls, suicide, spooky old families with spooky secrets?!  YES!

I started reading this and I felt the same way that I do when I’m watching a scary movie.  I know there’s something scary coming, I just don’t know where to expect it to come from.  Within the first few lines, there’s already one death and it doesn’t seem to make sense.  However, the death doesn’t seem to have a huge impact on our main character, Lane.  It’s not that she doesn’t care that her mother died, it just sort of seemed like the logical outcome to her.  She is whisked away from New York to live with family in Kansas.  When I hear Roanoke, I think of Virginia.  However, she isn’t moving to Roanoke a city, their family name is Roanoke.  I really enjoyed the descriptions of everything, because it was very easy to draw this hodgepodge aging home in my mind.  Even during this part, you’re still getting this feeling like something bad is just lurking on the next page.

I really enjoyed how the chapters go back and forth between then and now, and how the mystery of what happens to the Roanoke girls is what you’ll find out in between.  Why did Lane leave?  Why do they all leave?  What happened to Lane’s cousin, Allegra?

If you enjoy a suspenseful story, you should enjoy this one.  This book is available now anywhere you want to buy it.

Next week I’ll get back into more sewing, but it’s nice to break it up a little sometimes!

I received this book from the blogging for books program.  If you want by to learn more about them, please visit bloggingforbooks.com to find out more!

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