This Week on Cute Fluffin Stitch

Sewing, stress, will the deadlines be met?!  Tune in to find out!

I kind of feel like I’m on a reality show right now.  Not one of the dishy kinds that I like, one of the competition ones that I don’t like.  This Saturday is my first craft fair of the year, Crafty Nashville at Track One.  I have always had a nice time doing this event, but for some reason, I am very nervous.

A look at previous Crafty Nashville event setups

I have gone through all of my items I’m taking, I’ve cleaned out my “admin box” and restocked what was needed.  I’ve got things a lot more organized than they have been before, so why am I so nervous?  I’m not really sure!

I’ve been working slowly on finishing the binding for my big rainbow quilt, and I’m almost rounding the last corner right now, so I’m going to have two big quilts and two little quilts ready, which is more quilts than I’ve ever had ready at one event.  I have three bags full of plushies that are absolutely ready to go.  I even have a few lingering bags that I’ll have ready to sell so I won’t have an empty booth or anything.

I still don’t feel ready.  I will probably feel better Friday when I go to set up everything and I feel back into the swing of things, but right now I’m just really anxious.  Sunday I kept shuffling things around and moving things in my sewing room, but then when I started to work on another alpaca, I just had this feeling of dread like I need to make so much more and I don’t have time!

What I did to combat this is I got out my planner and I wrote down what I need to do each day.  Simply writing all of it down and getting it out of my head really helped to take the burden out.  I also decided I needed to work on binding that quilt instead just for the night.  I suppose I’m putting this out there so that people will know that if they think that doing these events is not stressful, that they are.

What do you do to deal with stress?  Let me know below!  Until next time, happy sewing!

One thought on “This Week on Cute Fluffin Stitch

  1. Sounds like you got it covered. Remember don’t sweat the little things as long as you got enough alpacas to sell. Good luck.

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