Simple Spring DIY

A very easy DIY for a little Spring decor!

This weekend I participated in the Cherry Blossom Festival in Nashville.  I was really excited to participate in this event, and was very excited when I found out about a booth decorating contest.  I wanted to make something simple but that would look really cool, so I decided to make some fake cherry blossom branches to put outside of my tent.


See it up there in the top right corner

To do this, you’ll need some very simple supplies.

  1. pink tissue paper
  2. hot glue gun
  3. dried out tree branches
  4. *Optional* 1″ circle hole punch

I already had all of these materials on hand so this was a no-cost decoration for me.  We had a large tree limb cut in our back yard a few months ago, so I just gathered a few small limbs from the pile that weren’t too heavy but still looked big enough to look like a limb and not just a stick.

While my hot glue gun was heating up, I folded up my tissue paper so that I would get several layers into my hole punch and punched out a ton of tiny pink circles.  You could just as easily use scissors to cut circles, I just had this on hand and it was very fast.  From there it was very repetitive, but very fun.

I would take layers of the pink circles and either glue them together, fold them in half, and glue them down to the ends of the limbs like tiny blossoms, wrapping them around the tips.  Sometimes I would just use one circle, and sometimes I would use two or three.  It would just depend on the thickness of the end of the limb or how many blossoms were going to be clustered together.


I ended up using three branches of varying sizes and I used zip ties to put them on the inside of my tent.


You could use this with smaller branches or sticks and put them in a vase for a smaller decoration, weave some sticks into a wreath, or make a bunch of them, tie them together and make a small faux indoor tree.

Surprisingly, people thought these were an actual blooming cherry tree!

I hope you found this to be a helpful way to bring a little spring into your home without having to worry about allergies or keeping any plants alive. 🙂

Until next time, happy sewing!

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