April 2017 Craft Fairs Blog

A look back at the craft fairs I participated in during April of 2017

The first craft fair that I had was an oldie but a goodie.  I have participated in (I think!) all of the Crafty Nashville events so far, and I was so glad for this to be the first event of the year.  I was very nervous because I’ve changed a lot of my shop since just last Fall.  I stayed up until about 11PM getting ready, working feverishly to try and finish a quilt thinking I would get it bound, washed and dried before I left for the show in the morning, but sadly my rainbow quilt wasn’t ready in time.

I got to set up Friday afternoon so it was really convenient to get in, find my spot, say hi to people I’ve done fairs with before, and just throw everything down and get to work.  It took about an hour and a half to get everything fully set up and just right, but I felt really good about it once it was done.

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The morning started off slow, but I  had pretty decent sales all day.  I especially love seeing people walk up and seeing their faces change from that bored, walking around face to a smile and just so excited.  I especially loved seeing all the kids who got new plushie friends this weekend hugging them so tight!

The next event I had was the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival!  I’ve never done this event, but I’ve been to it before, and I was excited to finally be a part of it.  I was a little worried because the communication was few and far between, but it was always informative when I did get an email.  I was also a little worried because the social media updates were scarce.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early after staying up way too late (as normal!) to finish up just one last plushie.  I got to a prime unloading spot and started to pull things out.  Luckily, I had a volunteer helping me the whole time, so my 3-4 trips only turned into two!  She even helped me set my tent up and was setting up my tables for me while I went back for a second load of stuff.

I got settled in, I took two quick booth pictures and from then I was busy!

I was so happy to see such a tremendous turnout, it was incredible!  By 3PM I was having to move things around because my shelves were looking empty!


I was so thrilled to sell TWO QUILTS, all but one stuffed animal, it was an insanely fantastic day.  I also got another surprise at the end of the day when I had six volunteers help me pack up and take everything back to my car in one trip.  I would definitely come back to this event.

Overall I’ve had a very prosperous April, and I’m really excited about this craft fair season.  I just need to dive right back into making overload.  My poor little Etsy shop looks BARREN!!!!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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