Keeping it Organized

How I keep my crafts together.

I have a bunch of stuff.  Like, just so much…stuff.  It’s not junk, I use this stuff!  So I want to give you a look at how I keep all that stuff in order, and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas if you’re wondering how to keep your stuff organized!


I recently reorganised my patterns.  I keep most of my patterns in a folder in my Google Drive, but things that I do have to print out, or I have a printed copy but no digital copy, I have been keeping them in 3-ring binders.  This wasn’t very efficient, because they weren’t really easy to get in and out of the binder, it was over flowing, and just a crazy mess.  Everything kept falling out of them, however I did have them sorted by quilts, not quilts, paper piecing, and plushies.  I recently went to Michael’s and got some of those photo boxes they will put on sale (I got them for $1.99 each!) and I pulled out my binders, went through, threw away so many duplicates, patterns I know I have digital copies, and thinned them all WAY down.  I went from three binders (and one of those terrible paper 3-tab folders) and got it to three boxes.  One for plushie patterns, one for bag patterns, and one for quilts.  I decided to just keep all the quilt patterns, no matter how they are pieced, together.


I talked about my scraps a few posts back, but my other fabric I didn’t delve into.  I sort my fabric mostly by size; all my fat quarters are together and all my larger cuts are together.  I even have a few pieces that are multiple yards, and I have those together in a separate drawer.


A lady never shows her whole stash 😉

Shop Stock

When I have a lot of stock built up, it can be a little tricky keeping things organized.  However, everything needs a place to go!  I keep all of my quilts on a quilt ladder I got from Knock on Wood Knoxville in my guest bedroom.  It’s nice because they don’t just stay folded up somewhere, out of sight out of mind.


I put all of my plushies in bags, sorted by their sizes, and by what will fit.  I don’t really have many pictures of this, because everything’s gone right now! 🙂

Shop Stuff

I have a lot of other things, like my tent, tables, table clothes, etc.  I keep my tent and tables in my garage in a little cubby.  Right now I’m trying to find a good spot for my boxes, which all fold up flat.  Right now they’re hanging out in my car…which isn’t convenient.

To keep all the smaller items in a plastic crate with interlocking flaps.  It’s light enough and small enough that it fits under a table, I can pretty much see what’s in there all the time, so I just keep it packed up until I have a fair to go to.  This is where I keep bags, table clothes, any table top decorations, signage, etc.

I have sort of an “admin box” where I keep my money, my fair apron, a little first aid kit, extra cards and things like that.  I use a Samsonite train case that I got at an antique store.  It could be a little more cleaned up, but I bang it around and I don’t really mind the shape it’s in.

That’s pretty much it! 🙂  I have a knack for getting the most storage out of small spaces, I blame years of Tetris.  Do you have any storage tips?  Let me know!  Sharing is caring! 🙂  Until next time, happy sewing!


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