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A little something I want to add to the blog, not sewing at all.


So as some of you may know, the show Twin Peaks is coming back for a third season on Showtime.  I’m very excited about this.  I was just a kid when Twin Peaks was originally on tv, and although I watched a lot of things that I was too young to watch, I didn’t see Twin Peaks.  Probably would have gotten me hooked on coffee too soon.  However, in late 2014 the announcement was official, the show was returning for a very highly needed third season.  I hunkered down and I started watching Netflix as soon as it was available, and then I waited.  I’ve even got the book The Secret History of Twin Peaks to keep me busy…you know it’s not like I’ve got anything else to do.

I’ve waited, and waited, and the release date kept going back and forth, was it actually going to happen, was it scrapped?  Then the release date was FINALLY ANNOUNCED!  May 21, 2017!

So what I wanted to do, and maybe I’ll keep this up, is to write a little bit each week as the new episodes come out.  I also want to get out my thoughts and questions that I’ve had about the show that were just left open at the end of the last episode.  If you haven’t watched, I highly suggest it.  I would also suggest Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me but I don’t think you NEED to in order to appreciate the show.  FWWM is the prequel of the tv show, and it’s the darkest version of Twin Peaks you could imagine.  And David Bowie is there, being odd.  But to be perfectly honest, the whole movie is hard to watch and odd.  (Hard to watch because of people being bludgeoned to death.)

I want to lay out the questions I had from the final episode first:

What happened to Josie?!

-her soul is trapped in a side table knob?!?  Excuse me?!?  I know this is not the question everyone else is asking, but SERIOUSLY?!  The last we saw her, she “was dead” but you saw her screaming face in a knob!  Is that side table even still there?  I also know she asked to be written out of the show, so I have no idea if we’ll get anything about her.  Also, the sheriff isn’t coming back, so I have no idea!


Agent Cooper!!!

– This is the question everyone is asking.  What has happened to him?  All the previews are saying “it’s happening again” so is he killing people now?  Can he get rid of Bob?




Who died in the bank explosion?

-Since everyone important that was in the bank when it exploded is planned to come back (Pete Martell’s actor died, so obviously not him, same with Andrew Packard) I can only assume they’re alive, but there are so many people that are dead in the show that are planned to come back, so I  have no idea in what capacity anyone is coming back.  I also ridiculously want Audrey to have Billy Zane’s baby.


oh 90’s Billy Zane

How has Twin Peaks grown?

-Everyone’s favorite little sleepy mountain logging town has surely changed in 25 years.  I mean, they’ll have cellphones now, right?  Is everyone there super hipster?  Is the R&R Diner still around?  Has Nadine gotten a “fake eye” so she doesn’t have to wear an eye patch anymore?

What is the deal with Major Briggs?

-I want to know his whole situation.  Time travel, space travel?  Owls and aliens!  Why him?  How long has this all been happening?  What does it have to do with every other weird thing going on in Twin Peaks?  Is it even related?  That actor has also passed away, so are we even going to get anything?!

What does the log have to say?!?

-We always hear the log has something to say, but rarely do we get anything out of ole woody.


I know that there are two parts of the story that I don’t have, The Missing Pieces and The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer that may answer some of these questions, however, there are so many things I want to find out without potentially spoiling the show for myself.

thumbs up

Love this guy.

I know this isn’t about sewing at all, but I watch a lot of tv, a lot of the time I’m sewing while I’m doing it, and I want to share my thoughts about these shows, and I want to know what others think about it.  When this show ends, I want to do a weekly review of what I’m watching.

Do you have any questions about Twin Peaks?  I’d love to hear them below!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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