Netflix and Sew

What I’m doing while I’m sewing, 99% of the time.

So I am the type of person that cannot sit in a quiet room.  I can’t drive my car with the radio off, and I can’t focus when there isn’t some kind of noise.  This is even the case when I’m sewing.  Lucky for me, I have a computer that I almost exclusively use to watch Netflix and listen to Pandora.  These blog posts are going to be about what I’m watching while I’m sewing, and once Twin Peaks gets going this month I’ll blog about that instead.

What I want to talk about this week is Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return.  I have been pretty excited about this series getting a new life.  I remember watching the original show when it was on SciFi channel (or…syfy?  it was SciFi when I watched it!) with my dad and it started a ridiculous habit of thinking up nonsense commentary to myself during movies.  (like screaming “Chips Ahoy!” when the apes got loose during that one scene of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and “quick, act like apes” when they were discovered teaching the other apes)

This revival has kept pretty true to the original show.  It’s got invention exchange which are always some silly nonsense inventions, a host (in this case, Jonah) the bots, an evil scientist and a second banana, (Kinga and Max, son of TV’s Frank) the “experiments”, and of course, THESE MOVIES!  I really love bad old movies.  It’s just so hard to take them seriously; I wonder how these were made, were these released in theaters?  I don’t know and I don’t care, they’re fabulous.  Those bad rubber suites, the ridiculous stop motion animations, the absolute madness of cultural differences across time and distances.  SOLID GOLD!

I really like all of the celebrity cameos, especially the sneaky ones (that’s Mike Nelson in the last one!) and they really added a little something special to the episodes.  I think that if you enjoy cheesy movies (heavy on the cheese) and silly commentary, you would really love this series.  I really like them for sewing simply because you don’t have to keep an eye on these movies to keep up.  Most of the entertainment is just listening to what the host and robots are saying.

I’m really hoping there is a second season of this little gem.  It really felt like that was the case with the ending, or at least I hope others felt that way.  Now I’ve just finished this series up, and the original “collection” on Netflix, I’ll have to dive into another rabbit hole.  Until next time, happy sewing!


2 thoughts on “Netflix and Sew

  1. MST was on at just the right time when our girls were growing up, they could be snarky teenagers but still sharing a good show with Mom and Dad. We quote from it all the time, especially one of our favorites, “Girls Town,” that starred Elinor Donahue, Mamie Van Dorn, and Paul Anka! So I am glad it’s back on, and glad to hear that the new series is good too! Thanks!

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