Netflix and Sew: Southern Charm

So, not exactly Netflix, but it’s online! 😀

Last week I talked about watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I don’t think I could have been any further away with this week’s tv choice.  I don’t know how often I have mentioned this, but I am a serious fan of Bravo TV.  It’s just so trashy, dishy, catty, and I love it.  I even listen to a FANTASTIC recap podcast called Watch What Crappens and I like them so much that I even listen to them recap shows that I don’t even watch.  But this has gotten me into trouble, because now I’ve delved into the world of rich, scandalous, drunk, and ridiculousness of Charleston, SC with the show Southern Charm.



From the nonsense that I kept hearing about this show, I finally just hunkered down and started watching on Bravo On Demand…which, is kind of making me crazy to be perfectly honest.  I’m sitting here, sewing away, and there are all these volume changes between commercials scaring me!  I think I’ve just forgotten about commercials on TV, and I blame my DVR.


So I start in, and I’m like okay, almost all of these people are pretty awful.  (not Cameran…She’s great.)  They are a bunch of 20-30 year old trust fund babies with “mailbox money” (to be perfectly honest, I want to learn how to get some of this mailbox money) and they all go out every night and the friends that aren’t trust fund babies are trying to hang and are struggling a bit and lots of boy bickering.  Then there’s this 50 year old guy (Thomas Ravenel, pictured above, who they call T-Rav.  Kill me now.) hanging around all these 20-30 year olds, who recently got out of prison for something to do with  cocaine, ( 😐 ) and wants to get back into politics, but oops gets a 21 year old girl pregnant out of wedlock (heaven forbid.)  And that’s just a very brief look at the first season.  I will say that the theme song grew on me, because at first I was just kind of annoyed at it, but now I’m humming right along with it.  I’m sure that in a few days I’ll be singing it right along with the show. *update, it’s true, sang right along with it last night*

I’ve just started the third season this week, I screamed a little to myself 3 minutes in, and all I can say is that it’s like the trashiest soap opera you’ve ever seen.  This is like Real Housewives times 1,000 for drama levels.  So what I like about it is that it isn’t just women fighting and wanting to tear each other down.  It’s more just gossipy, “well did you hear about Thomas and Kathryn this week” and “I think Craig’s drinking getting out of hand” and it seems like they all actually care about each other, whereas on Housewives shows, you KNOW they only see each other when they’re filming.

Some things I don’t love about this is that they’re perpetuating a view of the south that there’s a few progressives down here, but mostly it’s a bunch of frat boys, and old ways are keeping the progressives down and pushing the frat boys up.  This isn’t a false belief, however I guess it hits a little too close to home, and I watch these garbage shows to escape real life.  Something else I really hate about this show is Whitney Sudler-Smith.  I think he’s pretentious and worthless.

If you were looking for quality tv suggestions this week, I’m so sorry.  I’ll maybe get some more “quality” watching in soon, but I can’t guarantee it.  I hope y’all are having a great week!  Until next time, happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Netflix and Sew: Southern Charm

  1. Living in the Charleston area, this show is quite nauseating lol. No one here even knows who these people are other than Mr Ravenel. But it’s the perfect fit for a soap opera lover!

    • I can bet that if there were a show based on my hometown I would want to just crawl in a hole, so I can completely understand! However, all this drama has gotten its hooks into me and I can’t look away! 😀

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