May Craft Fairs: Handmade Nashville

A look back at my Saturday in Bellevue.

I really enjoyed doing another event with Handmade Nashville.  I  haven’t participated in any events with them in a long time, and they are all very pleasant to see again.  I arrived and there was a little confusion, but everything quickly turned out just fine.  I set up and got ready for the day!

While I was setting up, I realized that I forgot my quilt ladder and my tent weights, but I just rearranged and manged without it.  I also had to put my box set up to the back of my tent because I was on just enough of a hill that they kept tipping over.  I also had to figure out a way to weigh the boxes down, because each little gust was tempting to knock them all down.

Regardless of the little hiccups I had early, I had a really nice day!  I had several kids running around, running into my booth, losing their minds when they saw my animals, then running away to find money. 🙂

I am now looking forward to my next event, which is this Saturday!  I only have a little bit of prep to do, so this week shouldn’t be nearly as stressful.  Until next time!  Happy sewing!

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