May Craft Fairs: Capitol District Street Fair

A look at my Saturday in Germantown!

Something about this event is giving me serious “porchfest” vibes, but I’m going in with a positive attitude.  I did like that I got there really easily, I pulled right up to my spot, threw all my stuff down, parked, and got set up really fast.  There had been a threat of rain, but luckily it held off for a lot longer than anticipated.

I used a different set up than I have used this year because if it was going to rain, I didn’t want to get my boxes wet.  I actually liked my temporary set up look; my bees looked like they were in a tiny hive!

As the day went on, it was very hot, and there weren’t a ton of people out.  There were lots of great bands playing, and a lot of biking.  And biker shorts.  I saw more of people than I would have liked, but I guess if you just rode over 40 miles on a really hot day, you can’t be expected to look 100% presentable.

About thirty minutes before I was getting ready to pack up, the coordinators came around to tell us that a storm was heading in, so we could go ahead and pack up.  I really appreciated that, I’d only made two sales all day, finished a book, drank all my water, and I was ready to head out.  Luckily it just started to rain as I was getting in my car to drive off.

I spent the afternoon with my family, which, I really am glad that I got that time with them.  I hope you all had a nice weekend!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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