Twin Peaks Pt. 1 & 2

A look at this week’s episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1 & 2

I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally come back to the world of Twin Peaks.  I had to watch the first episode in two sittings, and I must admit, this was a very different Twin Peaks.  If you don’t want any spoilers, this is your only warning.  I’m not going into too much detail and specifics, but you may find it to be spoilery.

So first off, I was tickled to death to see Laura Palmer in the black lodge (or waiting room?) telling Agent Cooper that she’ll see him again in 25 years.  And the giant is back, telling Dale three, odd sounding things!  I really love that they kept Dale’s voice “forward” while everyone else was “backwards.”  I’m also very happy that they’ve kept the original opening theme, however I’m not a big fan of the opening sequence.  It was difficult to watch.  Something about swirling zigzags made me feel odd.

I’m very curious to see where this season is going to go, because just in the first “two” episodes we’ve gone to Twin Peaks, New York, South Dakota, Las Vegas, and that’s just in “the real world.”  I’m very excited to see this story that is being set up, because right now it’s so up in the air…and falling into plastic boxes…with face eating aliens.  I obviously need to read more of The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

So, it seems like Dale Cooper that is out in the world is still acting as an FBI agent, and for some reason (probably BOB related) is having some dark and shady characters do some dirty work for him, which I don’t understand right now.  Then again, it’s just the first episodes, so I’m not surprised.  I’m feeling a little bit of dread because I don’t know how Good Cooper is going to get Bad Cooper back into the lodge, and how Good Cooper can make it out alive.  It seems as though BOB may still be participating in this dirty work for Bad Cooper, and possibly has inhabited the principal for who knows how long.

I’m not a fan of that weird tree in the lodge, “the arm”.  I like that Mike has returned, and seeing Laura as an older woman, and just as mysterious and full of secrets as ever.  I was really unnerved seeing the floor in the lodge hall shifting around and falling away.  I guess it only makes sense for there to be multiple “exits” from the black lodge, and not just the “tar hole” in the woods outside of Twin Peaks.

I was happy with the last scene, because I saw a few familiar faces in the Bang Bang Bar; Shelly is there with some friends, Jacques Renault was cleaning the bar, James was walking in with a friend.  I really liked the band that was playing, too.  It seemed a lot like the band that would play before with the dreamy sound, just an updated version, so it still had that sort of sad, haunted sound, just with a 21st century sound.

I don’t really know what else to say, because I don’t want to just dictate the entire show, and I really have no idea what is going on.  This is a much darker show than the original tv series, and it’s along the darkness levels of Fire Walk with Me.  I’ll watch the episodes 3 and 4 coming out this Sunday, and from what I’m seeing online (I know it’s available to stream somehow) it doesn’t sound like the weird levels are going down anytime soon.  I’m optimistic about this series, so we’ll just see how it goes!

I’ll just keep my tv posts to once a week, so don’t worry, still sewing updates to come!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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