Blogging Drop off

Why I haven’t been keeping up lately.

A few weeks ago I lost my brother in law, Jeremy.  He’d been fighting cancer for around two years, and let me tell you, you would have never known it.  Jeremy was a beam of sunshine and positivity since I met him the first time up until the last time I talked to him.


Dax and Jeremy skipping rocks last May

Jeremy and I joked around when we first met about how we were the goofball “bimbos” of Dax and his sister, Lici.  They’re both so focused and serious, and we felt like it was our job to soften them up and make them take it easy.  They also set us straight in our lives and made us take things more seriously, so we were the perfect ying to their yang.

I miss my buddy, who was always so interested in whatever I was sewing, and even wanted me to make him a little bag to carry his pump around.  Which I did, and I even joked around about putting a lovely pink fabric on the inside.  He always asked me about Al, and I always told him how Al was just a perfect example of his breed.  I’d also tell him if Al had a rough day or night before we’d come over, and he always really cared, and you could tell he wasn’t just being polite.

So, I haven’t sewn anything in a few weeks, until this past Friday when I went to my guild’s Friday night sewing get together.


I hope you’re all having a great week, until next time, happy sewing!

One thought on “Blogging Drop off

  1. That is a very good pic of Jeremy and Dax, Jeremy will be missed but you all have good times to remember.

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