Twin Peaks: Episode 5

Get your donut disturb signs ready!


This isn’t in chronological order, this is more of a character by character recap.

We pick up with Dougie/ Cooper, and he looks so sad, but he’s just plopping along.  Literally a shell of a man.  His car is missing, so his wife has to take him to work, and you see Dale shed a tear while looking at their son.  (he blinked “backwards”) 😐  You do know there is still a little Dale still in there because he follows his co worker with the coffee like that coffee was life.  Which, let’s be honest, coffee is life.  He can’t really speak any thoughts of his own, but he somehow knows that his “co worker” is lying about his insurance numbers (all insurance numbers are lies!) but he can’t say why, he just knows.  Then his boss gives him a stack of files and a few key words stick out to Dale, which he parrots back, “case files, agent” so you know that something is still firing off in his head.  Later on we come back to Dougie’s car, and we find out that it wasn’t being tracked, there was actually a bomb under it, and there were two groups of people after him!  We also see Jade again and she’s found Dale’s lodge key in her Jeep and drops it in the mail.

We also get a glimpse at some FBI work; we see the decapitated man’s body that was found in the first episode, and he has Dougie’s wedding ring in his stomach?!  So there is obviously some sort of Dougie/ Bad Cooper connection.  Also, We see Tamara Preston comparing pictures of Good Cooper from 2 years ago to the guy that Gordon knows isn’t actually him.

Bad Cooper is still in jail, and he’s so creepy and strange.  We get confirmation that Bad Cooper actually does have BOB with him.  He is about to make his one phone call, he sets off all these alarms so that the people who are watching him can’t hear who he calls or what he says, changes some of the cameras to other things, and then as soon as he hangs up it stops.  He also dialed a number in such a strange manner that they couldn’t tell what number he dialed, and when he spoke to who it was, he said “the cow jumped over the moon.”  There were a lot of crazy things going on, he mentioned a name “Mr. Strawberry” and the man supervising the phone call reacted to it, and Cooper was talking directly to them through the camera, sort of to say “I know you’re watching, I want you to see what I’m doing.”

In Twin Peaks we see the sheriff’s office is still pouring through the case files to find something missing.  We also see a look at the R & R diner, Shelly and Norma are still working together, and we see there is a new, troubled blonde girl with a bad guy boyfriend.  We also take a trip back to the Bang Bang Bar, which is such a weird place.  I mean it’s a bar, but there are obviously underaged people in there.  Like, a lot of them.  We know Donna and Laura used to go there, and they were drinking there, I don’t know, anyway.  Back to the bar, there’s more underaged kids hanging out, being cool I guess, and there’s some very obviously bad guy.  He’s smoking right by the do not smoke sign, he’s paying off a cop we saw in the last episode, then he has a really rough exchange with one of these underaged girls in the bar.  A lot of things have commented that in the credits his last name is Horne, so there’s speculation of what Horne descendant he is.  I hope that it’s Audrey and Billy Zane’s love child.



I’m glad it was just an hour long episode this week, I’m hoping they stick to that.  I promise I’ll get back to sewing soon.  Until next time, happy sewing!

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