A look at my works in progress!

This summer I am taking a break from craft fairs, and I won’t have another one until August.  After such a successful spring season, I think it’s fair to take some time off to build back up some stock.  So here’s a look at some of my projects I’m hoping to have ready soon!

Pink Quilt

I’m not sure about the name yet, but it’s the color that sticks out the most to me.  I’m having a lot of fun venturing out of my quilting bubble (for once, no puns intended) on this quilt.  I didn’t want to just do straight lines, so I got some ideas for quilting with sashing and random quilting and I’ve made this quilt have a little more depth.  I like it because using this cream color instead of white for the sashing makes a lot of this quilt blend together.

“Emerald Isles”

Again, I’m not sticking with this title, but that’s the name of the pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Right now this quilt has me arranging several half square triangles, so far I have four blocks finished, but that’s all.

I’m still working on all the rest of my projects, just slowly but surely.  I also have some little tomato plushies cut out, but I’ve got some time so I’m not really rushing to finish them up.  What are you working on?  Let me know!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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