Twin Peaks: Don’t Die

Are you ready?  Here we go…

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I’m ready!

This was a very Dougie heavy episode.  We see Dougie Coop STILL AT WORK!  Just bumbling around with his sleeve before the security guard takes him home.  He has a really cute scene with Sonny Jim (this family’s names are killing me) when his wife calls him down stairs and gets on his case about Jade.  The one armed man Mike starts telling Coop to wake up and not to die, then he starts in on his case files.  He started seeing a little light that seemed to be guiding him how to mark up the files, and he was also drawing little ladders, steps and slides.  It looked crazy, and his boss the next day at first thought it looked like scribbles, but then he made sense of it. *shrug*

We head back over to Twin Peaks, where we find Carl, the owner and landlord of the “new” Fat Trout Trailer Park.  This is the trailer park where Teresa Banks (Fire Walk with Me) lived, and where Chris Isaac’s character vanished.  (will we ever find out where he went?  WHO KNOWS!) where Carl is getting into a van to head into town.  Another guy catches a ride with him, they complain about government funding and how awful the government is and about Linda’s new electric wheelchair.  Linda was one of the names that the giant told to Agent Cooper in the first episode of this season.

Carl heads over to the R&R, gets a to go coffee, sits at a park and smokes.  He sees a mother playing with her son, sort of playing tag…I’ll get back to this in a second.

We find Richard Horne, the creepy jerk from the bar who was smoking and paid off the deputy.  Deputy Jerk.  He’s in a hanger and he’s having his mind blown by some drugs that Red is giving him to try, and a magic trick with a dime.  Richard is really mad because Red keeps calling him kid and just making him look like an idiot.  After this, Richard gets in his truck and is speeding down the road, hyping himself up about Red making fun of him and making him feel stupid.  As he’s coming into Twin Peaks, he sees a line of traffic forming at a red light, decides he’s going to drive around it, and runs over the kid that was playing with his mom!

I mean, I saw it coming, but Jesus.  Carl saw the whole thing, and goes over to comfort the mom, who is sobbing in the road, holding her son.  Everyone around the scene is just standing there and staring, but no one is calling the police.  It was really strange to me.  Carl also saw the child’s spirit float away, which lead to a shot of the same power pole from Fire Walk with Me and the electric sound that “the evolution of the arm” makes now, very similarly to what happened in the movie.  Richard doesn’t stop, and drives away yelling about “I told you to move!” and things like that, pulls off in a field and tries to clean the blood off of his truck.

Back at the police station, new Sheriff Truman’s wife comes in yelling at him again, and Deputy Jerk comments on how he wouldn’t take that kind of crap from her.  The 911 dispatcher says how she wasn’t always that way, how their son committed suicide, to which Deputy Jerk says “because he couldn’t handle being a soldier.”  If you didn’t feel like you should hate this guy, he’s flat out making fun of a soldier that probably had PTSD and killed himself, so here’s your reason.  Hawk goes into the restroom, and drops a nickel.  A buffalo nickel, to be exact, and he notices that the restroom stalls are made by the Nez Perce company, which is his heritage.  He then notices “something missing,” specifically, a bolt from the door!  He pops the door open, and finds a handful of pages.  These pages have been in there for a while, because they’re yellowed.  We will hopefully find out about these pages next week.

Probably the largest thing (in the smallest scene) happens when Albert is searching for the person he mentioned last week who “he knows where she drinks.”  He comes into a bar, slowly walks up, sees a woman with platinum blonde bobbed hair, and says..





This was so crazy, to be such a big moment in such a short scene.  She didn’t look like what I expected, but then again, she was just basically a tape recorder before.

We also have….a small statured murderer.  We find a hitman who gets the envelope that the guy from episode one puts on his desk in this episode after a red square pops up on his screen, assuming this is some signal from Bad Cooper, how that even works, I don’t know.  In this envelope is a picture of the woman who was trying to have Dougie Jones killed, as well as Dougie Jones.  (Perhaps this woman is the woman that this character said that she has the job in the first episode, and I guess she didn’t get it done.)  The hitman gets out a leather awl and stabs both pictures, then runs off, showing up later to kill the woman in a very bloody way, tries to kill another person in her office, but shows up with his awl bent up.  I don’t know how I can talk about this scene any more than that without  sounding offensive, but he was such an interesting choice for a hitman.

The suspense is killing me, and maybe next week someone else is going to die, because the episode is called “there’s a body alright.”  I’m having a lot of fun watching this season, I have no idea where this is leading, but I’m ready to get there.  I need Cooper to get back to normal!  And WHERE IS AUDREY!?  Until next time, happy sewing!

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