Twin Peaks: There’s a body alright


Oh boy, here we go again!

I prepared for this episode with a little coffee and half a bear claw ūüėČ

So we start off with Jerry Horne…in the woods, looking around, very confused, and he calls Ben Horne, tells him that someone has stolen his car, thinks he’s high, he doesn’t know where he is, and hangs up. ¬†(After the episode, something about this made me think about Cooper, since he was in the woods, maybe close to the opening to the lodges.)

Later in the episode we find Beverly (Ashley Judd) and Ben standing around, listening for a humming sound in the Great Northern lodge. ¬†They can’t quite find it, but you can tell there is a little something brewing between them. ¬†Beverly also brings to Ben’s attention that an old lodge key, Cooper’s key, came in the mail, and he’s surprised, and remembers the time that Cooper was in town and the case around Laura Palmer, to which Beverly asks “who’s Laura Palmer?” and Ben replies “that’s a long story.”

Beverly goes home and we discover she has a terminally ill husband who needs a nurse to care for him, and he questions why she was late coming home. ¬†She fires back at him not to “mess” things up for her, that she didn’t want to go back to work, and she’s lucky to have the job she has. ¬†Maybe we’ll find out more later?

In Buckhorn, South Dakota we see an agent coming to investigate the fingerprints that were sent in on the headless body, and to her surprise there is a body to go with those fingerprints. ¬†She calls in after speaking with the coroner, and is shocked to find out the age of the man, because this is the body of Major Briggs, who has been missing for years, should be in his 70’s if she’s just died within a week, but he’s just in his late 40’s. ¬†There is also a creepy, dark and shadowy man walking down the hall, who we also pan out to see him walk past the doorway.

On the police front, Hawk and Frank Trueman are discussing the pages Hawk found in the bathroom door, which are in fact Laura Palmer’s missing diary pages *gasp* which explain that she “knows it isn’t BOB, she knows who it is” and she wrote down what Annie told her “in a dream” (As seen in Fire Walk With Me) that Annie is in the Black Lodge with Dale and Laura, and the good Dale is trapped and can’t get out. ¬†That makes both of them question the Dale that did come out of the lodge that night 25 years ago, and they think back on how Doc Hayward took him to the hospital.

Trueman then calls Doc Hayward, and they agree to get on Skype (Trueman has a sweet computer that he pulls up a little stick looking lever and his monitor popped up, encased in wood to perfectly match his desk, and I’ve never been so jealous) and Doc Hayward explains he can’t remember what he had for breakfast but he remembered that day. ¬†He explains he had him checked out¬†and about an hour later he was presumably visiting Audrey Horne (!!!!) in the ICU, who was in a coma from the bank blast. ¬†But after that no one had seen or heard from him.

Actually…one person¬†HAD¬†seen him.

Albert meets Cole in his office, explains how his meeting with Diane went less than great. ¬†He basically says if you want her to work with us, you have to go talk to her. ¬†Cole and Albert head back out, to which she greets them very harshly. ¬†She clearly has a beef with the FBI, and she’s not happy about seeing them at all. ¬†They let her know that her former boss, Dale Cooper has been locked in federal prison, and she replies “good” so obviously something has gone awry in her relationship with Cooper. ¬†They would like her to speak to him because they think something’s not right about him, and she begrudgingly agrees.

Cole, Albert, Diane and Tammy all fly out to South Dakota, and you can tell Diane is very nervous about this meeting. ¬†Tammy shares the information that she has looked over the Dale that is in prison’s (Bad Cooper) fingerprints, and that at least one print has been reversed to make it match his original prints. ¬†Diane meets with Bad Cooper and she’s visibly shaken. ¬†She asks when the last time they saw each other, and he replies “at your house” so clearly SOMETHING happened. ¬†She cuts this meeting short, she leaves the room, and Cole tells the warden to “hold this man until we get back with you.” Outside Diane tells Cole that she knows that man isn’t Dale Cooper, and that something is missing in him. ¬†Cole asks about this meeting they had, and she said “we’ll have to talk.” ¬†Albert and Tammy are standing awkwardly to the side, trying to not look like they’re obviously eavesdropping.

In the prison, while Bad Cooper is being taken back to his cell, he tells the jailer to tell the warden “we need to speak about a strawberry.” ¬†He very quickly gets a meeting with the warden, unrecorded and under gunpoint. ¬†Bad Cooper says that “the dog had four legs, one of which you found in my trunk” and mentions a name Joel or Joan (I couldn’t quite hear) McClausky (sp?) and mentions the strawberry again. ¬†He obviously has some sort of blackmail on the warden, and arranges to get out at 1am with Ray, a “cheap rental” and “a friend” in the glove box.

Andy goes to the house that Richard (Horne!) parked the truck at from the last episode, and he’s questioning a very nervous guy there. ¬†He says that yes it’s his truck, but he wasn’t driving it, but he needed Andy to leave now. ¬†They agree to meet in a couple of hours, Andy goes but the other man doesn’t show. ¬†We get a shot of the house and the door is open but the truck is still there. ¬†Who knows what has happened there!

Finally, there’s Dougie Coop. ¬†He’s at work, Jane E (WHY?!?!) is outside waiting to pick him up, and Dougie is scrawling on more files. ¬†It kind of looks like he’s drawing little stairs. ¬†His coworker that he has sort of ratted out for cheating on paperwork is questioning his meeting with the boss when the police come in and need to speak with Dougie about his car. ¬†Jane comes in at this point and is basically answering for Dougie, and is jumping on the police for not finding this car, that hasn’t been reported stolen, but “it’s probably stolen” because they haven’t seen it in a few days, and they said that they have found it and she’s mad because they haven’t said that, and on and on. ¬†She basically scares them off, and even Dougie’s boss is like “I need to discuss some things with you…but we can do it tomorrow.”

They head out to the car, Jane is giving Dougie the run down, she paid off his debts, he needs to stop gambling, they could have used that money to get Dougie a great car, and SUDDENLY!! ¬†IKE THE SPIKE! ¬†(the miniature murderer from last week!) He bolts out of the crowd wielding a gun and Dougie’s Agent Cooper side kicks in (at least physically) and he chops Ike’s neck, gets him down on the ground, pins the gun down, the tree/arm appears and is telling him to squeeze his hand off, and suddenly there is a police and news flurry. ¬†A lot of dramatic accounts of the situation, it’s pretty silly.

Near the end of the episode we get a 3 minute long sweeping the floor scene (I laughed about it) in the Roadhouse, and finally “the other brother Renault” (Played by the same actor who played Jaque Renault) answers a call, someone complaining about “two girls” who apparently are working for him but are supposedly under age. ¬†He very creepily responds that they’re a couple of straight “A” girls. ¬†We finally end the episode in the R&R, someone busts in and asks if anyone’s seen Billy? ¬†No one responds, and that’s the end of the episode!!!

I feel like a few extra things are falling into place. ¬†I’m still under the impression that Bad Cooper is the billionaire that keeps being referred to, I know he has something to do with Major Briggs’ death, and he’s just doing his best to stay out of the lodge. ¬†I thought for a second there that Cooper was going to snap back into action after he karate chopped Ike, and I also REALLY thought we were about to get a scene with Audrey…and when they zoomed in on the wood walls in the Great Northern, I really felt like we were going to get something about Josie!



I felt like this episode was the most like the original series out of all of the episodes so far, and I really liked it.  May actually be my favorite episode so far.  Until next time, happy sewing!

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