WIPs updates

A look at my WIPs this week!

These past few weeks I’ve been working on a number of things, so here’s a little round up of my projects!

Custom Order

I received a message on Etsy from a teacher who wanted a buttercup purse that would sort of go with anything she wore, and wanted to know if she could get a zipper top instead of a magnet.

But of course!


So I got to work on it and got it ready to go!

Pink Cookies

I have been working on the bubbles part of the quilting, which is such a task.  It’s totally worth it, but MAN!  It’s a long process.


Since my next craft fair is the Tomato Art Festival, I wanted to make an event specific item just for the event.  I did this for the Cherry blossom festival with my maneki-neko plushies, so I felt like cute, happy tomatoes would be perfect.  I’m making all of them unique, so some are tall, some are small, and their faces are all different smiles.  I’ve got a little pile of happy, smiling tomatoes started, so I’m hoping to have a little bucket full for next month!

Chili Peppers Quilt

I am using Missouri Star Quilt Company’s tutorial for Emerald Isle quilt, but my quilt is using the warm colorways of Blueberry Park fabric, and the more I see these colors, they all remind me of different peppers.  Yellows, oranges, reds, purples…okay maybe I’ve never seen a pink pepper but maybe they’re out there!  So far I’ve prepped all 336 of my half square triangles, and I’ve sewn together 4 of the blocks.  A lot of work to do, but not a lot of urgency.

All of my other works in progress are exactly where they were last time!  I really need to get sewing!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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