Twin Peaks: This is the Chair

That gap felt too long!

I felt like last week I was absolutely losing it waiting for this week’s episode, so let’s get into it!  I’ll try to stick with plot lines instead of hopping around.

We pick up with Bad Cooper, who is walking down a dusty road, still covered in blood from the incident with Ray.  He walks up to a place that at first I assumed could be the farm he mentioned, but the more I think about it, the less I think it was the farm.  Mostly because Ray wasn’t there.  He meets up with a guy Hutch, who is married to Chantal (the other woman from the hotel that cleaned up after Bad Cooper) and they help clean him up, and he calls the guy in the hotel (Duncan Todd) and tells him the next time he calls him that Dougie should be dead.  He sends a text to an unknown number saying “AROUND THE DINNER TABLE THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY.”  He then tells Hutch and Chantal that he wants them to kill the warden, either at home, on the way to work, or at work (oddly specific) and that he would have a double hit afterwards in Las Vegas (Maybe Janey E and Sonny Jim?!)  He kisses Chantal good bye, he takes a big black truck and drives away.

On the plane again with Cole and the gang, a call comes in from the FBI about Major Brigg’s body, and Cole asks Diane if she could stand to make a stop off in Buckhorn (which at first Cole misheard and said “I don’t like your language!”) and that it may be of interest to her.  She says “Blue Rose case” and Cole nods, so they start to head back.  Diane is checking her phone, but the screen just says BLOCKED.  Shortly after they get another call from the warden saying that Cooper left, “Coop flew the coop!”  They head to Buckhorn, where Diane lights up a cigarette, and when the police tell her she can’t smoke in there she yells “IT’S A MORGUE!” After everyone leaves to see Major Brigg’s body, she checks her phone again and has received a text “AROUND THE DINNER TABLE, THE CONVERSATION IS LIVELY”


excuse me WHAT?

There is an exchange with the locals about Major Brigg’s body, the ring, they’re updated that Bill Hasting’s assistant died in a car explosion, and they need to speak with Hastings because he ran a blog ( with Ruth Davenport about dimensional travel and his last post he wrote about meeting “the Major.”

In Las Vegas, Dougie, Janey and Dougie’s boss, Mr. Mullins are talking to the police about Dougie’s attack from Ike the Spike and Mr. Mullins says he thought it was odd that someone tried to kill him, his car was stolen and then blown up.  He also mentions that Dougie was in a car accident about 12 years ago, and that’s why he acts a little funny sometimes.  The police are this giggly, dopey brother trio, and they’re curiously quiet at this moment.  After he leaves the room, one of the brothers pull out a file and tells the other two that there is no information on Dougie before 1997, and they wonder if maybe he is in witness protection.  The leader of the brothers gets an idea, and brings Dougie a fresh cup of coffee, takes his old cup, and bags the cup and asks another officer to run it for prints.  The other officer says that he got prints back on the palm (gross) that was left on the gun, and it belongs to “their old buddy Ike the Spike” and they know where he is.  We get another look back at Dougie and Janey sitting in the waiting room, and Dougie is focused on the American Flag.  You start to hear America the Beautiful softly playing, and then a woman walks into the room with red heels.  He follows her shoes across the room, then he focuses in on a plug on the wall.

Ike is sitting in his hotel room again, drinking heavily, and makes a call to JT saying that he’s taking medical leave.  He picks up his things and starts to leave to find the hall is packed with police.  I think this is the last we’ll see of ole Ike.

We head back to Twin Peaks, where Lucy and Andy are disagreeing on a chair, maybe for their study.  Lucy likes the beige chair, Andy likes the red chair, they go back and forth, Lucy gets the red chair.  Classic Lucy and Andy.

A very random scene with Johnny Horne (Audrey’s older brother) is running through a house.  A woman is yelling who let him out, she’s credited as Audrey’s mother but I can’t remember her name.  Johnny runs and hits his head on a picture of the waterfalls outside of the Great Northern, and he’s knocked out in the floor bleeding.  Yes, it was just as randomly placed in this episode as this.

Jerry Horne is out in the woods still, he’s still wearing the same clothes, and I personally hope someone finds him soon.  He is standing in an awkward way, he looks terrified, and he is looking at his foot.  His foot says in a creepy voice “I am not your foot” and he yells.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  I don’t know how high he had to get for this to happen, but he’s obviously on a whole new level.  He tries to touch his foot a few times but pulls back each time, and eventually grabs his foot, picks it up, yells and falls down.

Bobby Briggs, Hawk and Sheriff Truman head over to Bobby’s mom’s house.  They want to talk to her about the day that Major Briggs died and his meeting with Dale Cooper.  She tells them that he told her that this day would happen, when the three of them would come to see her and ask about Agent Cooper.  He told her to give them this, she gets up, flips up a little secret compartment on the back of a chair (This is the chair) and she pulls out a small cylinder.  The group head back over to the sheriff’s department, (Lucy’s at lunch, she’s not here!) and they kick Deputy Jerk (Chad) out of the conference room and start to wonder how to open this thing up.  Bobby laughs and says he knows how, because his dad showed him how, and they need to go outside.  They go outside, and Bobby throws it on the ground.  It starts to ring, and he throws it on the ground again.  It opens up,and a couple of small papers come out.  One paper has a little drawing on it of some little mountains, one mountain has a little red circle above it, the other has a little crescent shape and a little black dot with antennae (like what was on Bad Cooper’s ace card) and instructions to go 253 yards East of Jack Rabbit’s Palace, and to take some dirt from that area, the time 2:53, and the dates 10/1 and 10/2.  The next paper was from the coordinates paper from season 2, and it was cut out so that Cooper was repeated, and Hawk takes that as a sign of “Two Coopers.”  Bobby knows where Jack Rabbit’s palace is, and said that he named it that, and he went there with his dad.

Diane is outside smoking when Cole and Tammy come out there with her, Cole takes a drag off of Diane’s cigarette, Tammy disapproves, and then they go back inside to question Bill Hastings.  He is completely distraught, and Tammy does a lot of head maneuverings to keep him focused.  She moved her head around like a snake the whole time!  Anyway, Tammy questions the blog, and Hastings says that it’s all real, that they went to this “zone” after Ruth found some coordinates and they met the Major.  Tammy has Bill point out the major from a line up, has him sign and date the photo.  He says that the Major started to float into the air, he said Cooper twice, and his head disappeared.  He said that it was beautiful and strange and he’d never seen anything like it or read anything like it.  He’s crying the entire time this interview is going on.  He then says that Ruth died, and that there were so many people there, and they pushed him on the ground and asked his wife’s name.  He also said he did not kill Ruth, and he loved her, and in a very dramatic monologue went on about how they were going to go to the Bahamas, and they were going to soak up the sun on the beach and drink mixed drinks and see beautiful sunsets.


Matthew Lillard was incredible.

We then find Ben Horne and Beverly back in the Great Northern and they’re once again trying to find the source of that strange humming sound again.  They do that sort of, turn around, and suddenly they’re embracing thing, and Ben!  Says he can’t do this!  And pulls back and Beverly says that he’s a good man.  SHE OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T KNOW WHO THIS MAN IS!  He’s a dirty dog, and he’s change his ways in his old age?!  This is so odd.

Back in the Roadhouse there are two girls, and I’m just warning you this was so gross.  The blonde girl has some kind of underarm rash and kept VICIOUSLY SCRATCHING IT!  Besides that she had some really bad breakout on her face, and she just looked gross.  So then her friend shows up, she’s clearly showered.  The blonde girl is mad that she got fired for showing up high to the burger place, but now she’s working across the street at the other burger place?  The brunette says you know that zebra’s out again?  Then the blonde girl asks if she’s seen that penguin?  I am obviously not hip enough to know what they’re talking about.  The blonde girl is digging in on this rash the entire time, it was really awful! (as I type that I had to scratch the back of my arm and it horrified me)

There was a trio of girls on keyboards, and that was the end of the episode.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next week, but I’m excited and sad that this season is already half over!  Are you guys still watching?  I’m glad I still am.  I need to see Audrey!!!  Until next time, happy sewing!

*Note* I had a thought last week, I’m not sure if when Ray was talking to Philip if he was talking to Philip Jeffries; I wonder if he was talking to Philip Gerard (the one armed man.) I know that MIKE is a demon like Bob and they keep talking to Philip, but the reason I think that is because when Bad Cooper was talking to who he thought was Philip Jeffries on the phone, that Philip said that “he would be with BOB again” and we know that Philip Gerard and Bob were a bad guy duo before the original series, which is why Philip cut off his arm that had the same tattoo that Bob has.  I also think that it could be a doppelganger, since there is a one armed man in the lodge trying to help Dougie.  I would love for it to be a secretly filmed Bowie scene that we eventually get, because everyone needs to cry when we see David Bowie and we aren’t ready, but I don’t know how likely it is.  Bye!

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