Game of Thrones: Dragonstone

Looking at the season 7 premiere!

Like I have been trying to do with Twin Peaks, I want to do a recap by each character’s storyline.

We get a cold open and see Walder Frey (who got his by Arya’s hand last season, so we know something’s up RIGHT AWAY!) and he’s got all of the Frey men in his hall, and he’s raising a glass to them, and recounts all of the good they did by killing the Stark family during the red wedding, by killing a pregnant woman, killing a mother of five, but they didn’t kill all the Starks, all the while the Frey men are all starting to cough up blood.  Walder continues stating that if they don’t kill all the wolves the sheep will never be safe.  After they all die, we see that Arya has used the technique she learned in the House of Black and White to take Walder Frey’s face and impersonate him, and turns to one of Walder Frey’s wives, and says “When they ask what happens here, tell them that the North Remembers.  Tell them that Winter came for the Freys.”

We later see Arya riding a horse along, and she hears some soldiers singing by a campfire.  One of them is Ed Sheeran, which, was just so silly.  Not mad about it.  They invite her to eat with them and she tells them she’s heading to King’s Landing.  They ask why she would want to go there, basically tell her the city’s gone all to hell, everything’s blown up and getting worse.  Arya says she’s going to kill the queen, to which they all laugh.  They all look like soldiers from King’s Landing, and they’re off to see what has happened with the Freys.

North of the wall we saw a giant cloud of cold air slowly approaching, and as we get closer in, we can see that the Night King is coming in it, and they have a massive army.  We find out we’re seeing this through Bran’s warg point of view, as he and Meera are approaching one of the gates at the Wall.  They say who they are, give their best to prove it, and are allowed inside.

In Winterfell Jon Snow is commanding the forces they have, saying they need to get Dragonglass because it kills the white walkers, so they need to get it and arm everyone.  He also notes they can’t just afford to arm the men, to which one man says “you expect me to put a sword in my granddaughter’s hands?” and the teddy bear queen herself Lyanna Mormont, (QUEEN OF THE NORTH!!!) stands up and puts him in his place, saying she isn’t going to be knitting by the fire while men try to defend the North, she’s just as much a northerner than anyone else and she doesn’t need their permission to defend it.  If I were to have a daughter one day, I would hope she’s like her.

Jon Snow and Sansa disagree on how forts near the wall that belonged to families that betrayed the Starks should be manned.  Jon says the families shouldn’t be responsible for the mistakes their fathers made, Sansa says they should be given to loyal families.  I agree with both, but Jon eventually says he’s the king and his word’s final.  Later Sansa says to Jon he needs to be smarter than their father and Rob, because they were smart but they made stupid decisions and lost their heads for them.  She says he’s a good man, but he needs to be smarter.  Littlefinger is still skulking around, and everyone seems to want him gone except Sansa, and she says he’s only still there because of his forces from the Vail.

Somewhere between the north and south, where winter has arrived, we find The Hound with the Brotherhood without Banners.  They hunker down for the night in a house that the Hound stayed in with Arya, and he’d murdered the man and his daughter that lived there.  He lets Beric Dondarrion (eyepatch) know that he doesn’t like him, but he doesn’t hate him, and he’s not bad.  He doesn’t understand why they follow the Lord of Light, nor does he understand why the Lord of Light keeps bringing Beric back to life, and another man calls him over to the fire.  The Hound, who got his facial scars from his brother shoving his face in a fire, doesn’t really want to go look into the flames, but he does it anyway.  After staring into the flames, he sees the wall of ice, where the wall meets the sea, and an army of dead.  Later that evening he buries the the man and daughter from earlier.

Further south we find Samwell Tarly, doing really grunt level work in the Citadel.  Emptying bedpans, scrubbing them out, feeding everyone (something that looks like it came from a bedpan) and putting away books.  It’s really driven in, too, because it’s just a big loop for like 5 minutes.  He sees an area that is reserved for the meisters, and he wants to go back there to get more information about defeating the white walkers.  While performing…maybe an autopsy..?…he mentions the urgency, that they are coming and he needs to help Jon find a way to defeat them.  The man he’s helping mentions that they don’t even think white walkers exist, but they live different lives than the rest of the world, because the rest of the world constantly thinks the world is ending and they have to keep up with it all so the world will remember.

Sam sees a man with keys to get to the restricted part of the library, and takes those keys in the middle of the night.  He grabs a handful of books and takes them back to his room with Gilley and baby Sam.  Sam is flipping through, trying to find something of use.  He sees that people would decorate weapons with dragonglass but they didn’t know what the first men used it for.  He then discovers a map of Dragonstone, which has a mountain of dragonglass underground.  He quickly gets a note written to Jon.  Later we see Sam still at work, taking dinner bowls from quarantined sick, and one of the hands reaches out.  Sam pulls back, because this man has greyscale.  The man asks if the Dragon Queen has come to Westerose, and  Sam replies that he hasn’t heard anything.  We then see an outline of this man’s face, and we see it’s Jorah.  It seems in his quest to find a cure he has found his way to the Citadel.

In King’s Landing Cersei is walking along a map of Westeros that is being painted on the floor.  Jamie asks her what she’s doing, she is looking for allies.  They are seeing they’re surrounded by enemies, and Jamie says that they’re on the losing side.  Cersei is showing that she’s really losing it, because she isn’t upset over Tomlin’s death, because he betrayed her, betrayed her and Jamie.  She wants there to be a dynasty of Lannisters, and when Jamie reminds her that they’re the only ones left, she says then a dynasty for them, because they’re “the only ones that matter.”  Cercei reminds Jamie that one family that hasn’t turned against them is the Greyjoys.

They go out to see that the Greyjoy armada is sailing in, and when Jamie asks why she would want to align with them, they’re basically a band of thieves, she says they have ships, and all he wants is a queen.

Euron Greyjoy meets with Cersei and Jamie, lamenting how his family abandoned him when he came to claim the throne.  They remind him how he killed his own brother for the throne, and she says “it’s great, you should try it” with a look to Jamie.  They ask what he wants, and he states how he’s always wanted to marry the most beautiful woman in Westeros, and here he stood with an armada and two working hands (again, a look at Jamie).  Cersei declines his proposal, and Euron states that he knew the way to a woman’s heart was with a gift, and that he wouldn’t return to Westerose until he had a priceless gift.  I assume that he means someone or something’s head.

In Dragonstone, we see the Targaryen armada sailing in, the dragons flying overhead.  They arrive to Dragonstone, left abandoned by Stannis Baratheon, and she yanks down one of their banners.  They go up to the…well I don’t know what to call it but maybe a war room.  It’s the room with a large map table that Stannis would use to plan out attacks, and relations with the Red Woman.  She stands there in the window with Tyrion at her side, looking over the table, and says “Shall we begin?”

What a great start to a new season!  I have been hyping up waiting for this season since it was three months later than normal, and I couldn’t be happier to see it back!  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming up, who is going to win and who is going to die.  Until next time!  Happy sewing!

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