Twin Peaks: There’s Fire where You’re Going

Another exciting trip to Twin Peaks!

We open up with some kids playing ball.  Back and forth, throwing the ball, oh one of them throws the ball in the street.  I just KNEW something bad was about to happen, but no, just went and got the ball, made it safely across the street.  AND THEN!  One boy notices someone at the tree line; it’s Miriam!  She’s worse for wear, but she’s crawling out of the woods.  The  boys go get help.

Over at the Fat Trout, Becky is on the phone and LIVID.  Someone has tipped her off that Steven is messing around with someone, and she is absolutely going ballistic.  She calls her mom, Shelly, and says she needs her car, it’s an emergency, and gets off the phone.  Shelly rushes over, and Becky comes out with a gun in hand, yelling that she’s got to GO NOW.  Shelly is trying to stop her and ask what’s wrong, and even jumps on the hood of the car.  Becky backs up and slides around, throwing Shelly off the hood of the car, and speeds off.  The whole scene was nuts and had this intense holding note the whole time.  Carl comes over to check on Shelly and she’s really upset and asks for a ride.  Carl pulls out this whistle, blows, and a VW bus pulls up.



Shelly calls Norma on her cell and tells her that Becky is out of control and she doesn’t know what to do.  Carl suggests she call Bobby, and he pulls a CB radio out.  He gets the Twin Peaks Sheriff department on the phone and says that Mrs. Briggs *gasp!* is on the phone and needs to speak to Bobby.  She tells Bobby that Becky is out of control and has a gun.

We catch up with Becky who has pulled up to an apartment complex.  She runs up to a door, and a neighbor pops out and says they left, there is no one there.  Becky looks away, looks back and the door and empties the clip in the door.  We then travel down a different stairwell and see that Steven and another woman, who turns out to be Donna Hayward’s youngest sister (the piano playing one) are huddled together looking pretty shaken.  After this we see that the 911 desk at the sheriff’s office is very busy.  I’m not sure if this is because people are calling in the shots or what.

Later we see Bobby, Shelly and Becky all at the R&R.  Bobby tells her that the only reason she’s not in jail is because he’s a deputy.  Becky goes back and forth saying she wants to leave Steven, but she loves him, and she’s so mad, and then remembers she threw Shelly off the car, “omg sorry mom.”  Bobby tells her that she needs to pay for the door, and Becky says she isn’t going to, that Steven should have to pay for it, and she doesn’t have the money to do it.  Shelly offers to pay for it, but Becky says no, then Bobby offers to pay for it.  They obviously both just want what’s best for her.  Out the window we see Red, and Shelly lights up.  She runs outside and kisses him, and Bobby sees.  He’s obviously taken aback, and had no idea she was seeing someone.  They get a little down the way, and talk about meeting later, and she scampers back inside.  Norma looks on disappointed.

Now look, I don’t have anything against people that are divorced seeing people, whatever, but SHELLY!  She’s got an eye for grade A lowlifes.  She wanted Bobby when she was with Leo, now she’s left Bobby (so many questions) and now she’s with the new drug kingpin in town?  *rage*

Shortly after Shelly comes back in a shot comes through the window.  Bobby comes out to see a line of backed up cars, and a mom and dad arguing about their son who found a gun in their backseat.  The kid is just standing there like, a tiny James Dean in camo, and he looks like a tiny version of his dad.  The woman behind them won’t lay off her horn.  Even as Bobby motions for her to stop, she is just laying on it more.  He comes around to her window and she is screaming about being late, why is this happening, they’re already late for dinner, it’s after 6:30, her aunt is coming in to town, she’s sick, on and on.  Then a young girl sits up in the front passenger seat like a zombie, eyes rolled back, and she’s throwing up everywhere!  Everything about this scene makes you question having kids.

Hawk and Truman are in the conference room, and Hawk shows him his “living map” it’s never updated but it’s always accurate.  He explains the symbols on the map; the “campfire” is more of a signal for electricity, the corn means fertility, but black corn means something’s wrong.  If you put the black corn and the fire together, you get black fire, and you don’t want that.  Truman asks about the symbol that we saw on Bad Cooper’s ace card, and on Major Briggs’ note, the little circle with maybe wings or horns, and Hawk says you don’t want to know what that is.  The Log Lady calls in and asks Hawk if he found something.  He says he did, but he can’t tell her what.  She tells him that her log is afraid of fire, and that there is fire where he is going.


Rest in Peace, Log Lady.

Back in Buckhorn, the local sheriff and the FBI all head to the coordinates where Bill Hastings saw the Major.  Tammy asks him just to make sure, and he says yes.  Hastings and the sheriff stay in the car, Diane stays near the FBI car, Tammy covers Cole and Albert from behind the fence.  Before they head into a cut part of the fence, Cole and Albert see one of those little shadow men.  They look at one another sort of like, did you see that, and head in.  As they get closer, Cole gets closer to a building and Albert hangs back a few feet.  There is kind of an electric sound, and Cole starts looking up and waving his arms a bit.  A vortex opens up in the sky, and Cole suddenly sees three of those smoke men on a stairwell, looking down at him.  From the cars, nothing looks out of the ordinary.  Diane looks past the sheriff’s car and sees one of those smoke men lurking around, fading in and out as he gets closer to the sheriff’s car.  Cole is also starting to flicker in and out, and before he disappears completely, Albert pulls him back out of the space.  Suddenly in the sheriff’s car, there’s a splat. 😮 The sheriff starts freaking out, and calling for backup, and Diane looks in and says “there’s no backup for this.”  We see that shortly after the shadowy man got to the car, Bill Hasting’s head exploded.  Cole makes a key observation, “he’s dead.”


RIP Bill!

Cole and Albert also stumble upon a headless female body, and quickly deduce that it’s Ruth Davenport.  She has some coordinates written on her arm that they photograph.  As they all return to the Buckhorn police department, Cole’s hand is shaking uncontrollably.  Diane begs to smoke inside, because the coffee would be better with it.  Albert shows Cole the photo with the coordinates from the arm, and Diane looks as though she’s trying to memorize them.  They all discuss the smoke men, “dirty homeless bearded men” Cole says that he saw them in a room, and Diane says she saw one get into the car.  The sheriff denies this, because he was in the car and no one got in.  She quickly says well I THOUGHT I saw one, I’m not sure.

Mr. Mullins calls Dougie into his office, and the office gopher lures him in there with coffee.  It’s pretty hilarious.  I was getting more and more sad with everything Dougie scene, but now they’re like, sweet little gems.  Bud tells Dougie that his work uncovered an insurance scam being run through their office, and that the Mitchum brothers were the victims of this, and that their casino fire actually was not arson.  He wants Dougie to meet up with them, and he wants him to deliver a check for $30 million.  He calls it “a Bushnell Double Down.”  A little before Dougie is to meet the Mitchums, he sees Mike in the lodge pulling him towards a store.  He then gets into a limo the Mitchums  have sent over carrying a large box.

We see the Mitchum brothers at home, it seems like maybe they just got up and it’s around 2:30 in the afternoon and they’re eating Raisin Bran.  Bradley (Jim Belushi) is telling Rodney that he had a crazy dream, but he can’t really remember it well.  He’s just so ready to kill that Douglas Jones…but he’s not sure.  “He did get rid of Ike the Spike for them” but Rodney tries to keep him focused.  Dougie takes a nice long drive through Las Vegas, and ends up in the desert where the Mitchums are waiting.  Before he arrives, he tells Rodney that in his dream, his cut from where Candy hit him was healed.  He yanks of the band aid and the cut is healed!  Brad tries to shrug it off, but when Dougie gets out of the car (of course, with assistance from the driver) he sees the box, and tells Rodney if he has this one thing in that box, they can’t kill him.  He whispers into Rodney’s ear, Rodney takes out a gun, points it at Dougie, and says “is there a cherry pie in that box?”


Sure enough, Brad looks in the box, and there it is, CHERRY PIE!  He then pats Dougie down, and finds the check for $30 million.  They are overjoyed, and they’re over the moon.  They LOVE Dougie!  They take Dougie out to dinner, and they’re toasting, very excited, Dougie doesn’t understand toasting, classic Dougie.  An old lady comes up who recognized “Mr. Jackpots” and it’s the old dirty woman from before.  She thanks him for changing her life, she has a little dog now, she kisses him on the cheek.  The next thing that happens is Candy walks up and places a slice of cherry pie in front of Dougie.  She also comments about how much traffic there is and there are so many cars.  WHAT IS HER DEAL!?  Dougie starts to dig in, and you can just SEE something awakening in him!  He finally says something on his own, and he says “DAMN good” and I died.  I just DIED right then and there.  The piano player starts to play a song that I can’t quite place, but it sounds like something from the original show, and it obviously strikes Dougie.  They cheers again and all have more pie.

This episode made me super excited for Cooper to come back to normal soon, but I’m also kind of sad, because there are only seven episodes left.  I still don’t know where Audrey is, I just worry about Jerry out there in the woods, I’m fully expecting next week to be a really nuts episode again.  What do you think?  Are you still keeping up?  Let me know what you think so far!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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