Twin Peaks: Let’s Rock

Be careful what you wish for.

We start off this week in Buckhorn with the FBI group sitting in a room that’s very similar to the Black Lodge/ “waiting room.”  Gordon Cole is scanning the room, it looks like he’s checking for bugs or something.  Albert starts to tell Tammy about the Blue Rose group, how they were formed after the Blue Book department of the FBI was closed down in 1970 and there were more cases that needed to be answered.  The name Blue Rose came from a woman who died in a case, and these were her last words.  He further discusses how Chet Desmond, Phillip Jeffries, Albert and Dale were all members, and Albert is the only one that hasn’t vanished mysteriously.  Because they haven’t taken on any members in a long time, they want to ask Tammy to become a member.  She’s had fantastic test scores throughout her career and they feel like she would be a great fit.  She is obviously very honored and accepts.  Diane then comes in, and the way that she comes in through the red curtains is very strange, and she sits down with the group.  They want to deputize Diane for some cash and the knowledge of what happened to “her friend Cooper.”  Diane puts out her cigarette, and does a serious face, a double finger point and says “let’s rock.”  I don’t know what exactly about this I liked so much, but I really enjoyed this whole scene.

Later we see Diane at the bar texting again.  She gets a text that says “LAS VEGAS” and she replies “THEY HAVEN’T ASK ME YET.”  Even later she’s back at the bar and she is remembering the coordinates from the photo of Ruth’s arm, and she types them in and as she zooms in, she sees that they lead to Twin Peaks.


Jerry is running in a field, still wearing the same clothes, he falls down, and hops back up and keeps on running.  I’m just glad he’s finally out of the woods…but is he out of the woods?!

Sarah Palmer (Laura’s mom) is in the liquor store, and she’s getting a bunch of bloody Mary mix, a few bottles of vodka, and a carton of cigarettes.  When she gets to the counter she notices some jerky hanging up behind the registers.  Something about this really sets her off, and she starts asking questions that could be related to the jerky, but could also just be completely disconnected from this world entirely.  She’s asking the clerk if she was here when they came, the store looks different, things have happened to her, and it’s almost like she starts talking to herself to get her keys and leave the store.  She leaves and the clerks look at each other like “whaaaaaaat” and the boy clerk offers to deliver her purchase to her house.

A little later Hawk pulls up at the Palmer house, and he says that he’s just dropping  by to see her.  We get a few views of the ceiling fan, which was kind of an ominous sign in Fire Walk with Me.  Sarah assures Hawk that she’s fine, and she knows he’s there because what happened at the store.  There is a rustling type sound from inside the house, and Sarah says it’s nothing.  Hawk makes sure to say if she needs anything to let him know.

In Las Vegas, Sonny Jim pulls Dougie Coop out into the yard, walks to the other side of the yard, throws a ball at him and it bounces off of his shoulder.

At the Fat Trout Carl sees a tenant who he stops and asks about what kind of work he does around the trailer park, and how he doesn’t get paid for that work.  He also mentions that he heard that he’s been selling his blood.  Carl gives him a fist full of cash, and says not to pay his rent this month.  He doesn’t like to see people selling their blood to eat.  Good guy Carl, being the greatest.  Just don’t disturb him before 9:30 AM EVER.

We briefly see Miriam laying in a hospital bed, unconscious.

Ben Horne is at the Great Northern when Frank Truman comes in.  Frank tells Ben that Richard is the one who ran over that boy.  Ben is very upset about this, and Frank continues to say that he assaulted Miriam, and she’s in the ICU and needs surgery.  Ben says he’ll pay for all of her medical expenses.  He also brings up how Richard had several run ins with Harry, and asks how Harry is doing.  Frank says he’s hanging in there.  Ben also mentions that Cooper’s room key came in, and would Harry like to have it.  Frank says yes, and it’s funny that showed up recently because he’s just reopened the case to do with Cooper.  As Frank leaves, Ben has Beverly call the hospital and arrange to pay for her medical expenses.  He then starts to tell Beverly the news Frank told him, and how Richard has never had a father, and how Ben’s father gave him a bike, and he really loved that bike.

Back in Buckhorn Albert comes to Gordon’s room, where Gordon seems to be telling a woman a dramatic story.  Albert says that he needs to speak to Gordon alone, so Gordon asks her to wait for him at the bar.  She leaves slowly, and by that I mean she touches up her make up seductively, she gives Gordon a bunch of cute little faces, she puts her shoes on, she stands up and pulls at her dress, she fixes her hair, she puts on her cardigan, she very very slowly leaves.  Gordon mentions that there are over 6,000 languages in the world.  He tells Albert that she’s in town visiting a friend of her mother’s who’s daughter has gone missing.  She owns a turnip farm, and he said she will turn up soon. 😐 Albert asks what kind of wine Gordon is drinking and he responds “11:30.”  The look on Albert’s face looks like you jerk, you know what I said, why are you doing this, I hate you so much.  Gordon touches Albert’s shoulder and says that he’s worried about him.

We see Chantel and Hutch waiting in a van waiting on the warden.  Chantel doesn’t want to torture the guy, she saw a Wendy’s on the way and she’s hungry.  Hutch is really wanting to torture this guy, but she’s not into it.  As the warden pulls up, Hutch shoots him twice, right as his son is running out the front door, and Hutch pulls the gun back in the window and says “Next stop, Wendy’s.”  It’s the kind of scene that makes you laugh and then you’re like I shouldn’t be laughing, but you can’t help it.

We get basically a replay of Dr. Amp/ Jacoby, and he’s just pitching his shovels again.  Nadine is still watching, still drinking this milkshake, still dressed the same, and says “it’s working for me.”  I don’t want any shovels.

Suddenly, Audrey.  She’s standing in a room with a ton of books and papers, and she’s looking at this man at a desk.  She says that she wants to go out to look for Billy, he’s been missing for two days, maybe they should go to the Roadhouse.  This guy, Charlie, is going on about how he’s tired, he has a deadline, he’s got a lot of work to do.  She’s frustrated, she needs to go find him, she’s sleeping with him, and Charlie is just going on about being tired and it’s late.  They talk about how Chuck stole Billy’s truck, but he got the truck back and didn’t press any charges.  Charlie was supposed to call someone named Tina, and he hadn’t.  Audrey wants to break their contract, and she’s calling him a slew of names and he says “please don’t speak to your husband that way.”




Charlie says that hey, he was supposed to call Tina, he’ll call her now.  He calls her, and Audrey is us, she’s sitting there like okay, get to the point, hurry up, what is she saying.  As he’s getting off the phone he’s obviously heard some heavy information and he says “I promise” then looks at Audrey like I can’t tell you what I just heard.  KILL ME NOW.

We end the episode back in the Roadhouse.  There are two girls in this booth that we seem to always end up at, and they’re talking about Angela who is possibly dating Clark.  One girl says that he saw Clark with Mary two nights ago, and the other girl says that Angela is off her meds and she doesn’t know how Angela is going to handle that.  Suddenly a guy named Trick comes in, and says how someone almost ran him off the road.  He’s got the shakes from it, and he’s mad!

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ANY OF THAT LAST SCENE MEANS!!! Anyway…I think a lot of people were really bothered by this episode for a number of reasons.  I’m not mad at it, but it was really difficult watching Audrey seemingly a prisoner or something.  I also could have had some more Cooper in any capacity.  And coffee.  And pie!

If you’re enjoying my recaps and want some other opinions, I’ve been listening (and writing in every week!) to the podcast The Bookhouse Podcast.  these guys are fantastic, and I really wanted to give them a shout out so they can get all sorts of numbers.  Not sponsored, just enjoy it.

Until next time, happy sewing! 🙂

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