Twin Peaks: What Story is that, Charlie?

Dougie Jones, master insurance man.

We begin this week in Las Vegas with none other than Dougie Jones, doing a conga line with the Mitchum Brothers and their pink lady gang.  Tony sees them from his office and jumps down behind his desk.  He was SO sure that they were going to kill him, but he calls Duncan Todd to let him know they didn’t do it.  Duncan gives Tony one day to take care of it.  Tony is clearly upset about it.  The conga line ends up in Bushnell Mullins’ office, and they’re so excited that they give Bushnell a few gifts, including a new BMW to match the one they’ve given to Dougie.  At the Jones house a delivery man asks Janey E where she wants this new jungle gym set up.  She looks over and sees the new car, then looks really pleased and tells him in the back yard.  Later that evening Janey and Dougie are watching Sonny Jim playing on this ridiculous jungle gym, (fit for a Las Vegas kid) and she says she loves Dougie, everything is so great, she’s so happy.

The police brothers (Fusco) are just hanging around, one of them is on the phone with their mother seemingly giving her directions.  When he gets off the phone he tells the others she wants them to come to dinner.  The head Fusco tells the others that the prints came back on Dougie, and not only did he escape prison a few days before, but he also is a missing FBI agent.  They laugh, ball up the info and throw it away.  Pro detective work.  Anthony pops in and asks if Clark is there.  He goes out back and asks Roger for poison that is undetectable.  Dougie is about to pull their entire operation down.  They’re going to meet at 9:30 and he’ll take care of it.

In “Western Montana” (I’d hate for them to be more specific here) we see Bad Cooper pulling into a big garage.  We can guess that this is the farm they mentioned in episode 8.  Ray and a big bald guy (we’ll call him the boss) are watching through a giant TV.  Ray is really freaked out because he killed that guy.  The boss says “you didn’t kill him to good” and they tell Bad Cooper to get into the elevator.  He comes up, and there’s just a rag tag group of low lives hanging around.  One guy tells him that he needs to arm wrestle the boss, and if he wins he will be the new boss, but if he loses he’ll be in their group.  Bad Cooper only wants Ray, he doesn’t want to be the boss.  He mocks the boss, asking if they’re in kindergarten or preschool.  On their way to the arm wrestling space the boss sucker punches Bad Coop in the back of the head.  This only irritates him, and they go over to the table.  There is one guy that noticeably sticks out in this group.  They’re all scruffy and look like the gross kind of bikers you would avoid, except this one guy in a little suit and has glasses.  They lock hands, and it looks like the boss is about to win, but Bad Cooper doesn’t seem to be worried at all, or even trying.  He easily pulls the boss’s hand back to “starting position” and says it’s much more comfortable.  “it hurts my arm when you do this” -moves arm down- “and even more when you do this” – moves arm further down.

He then breaks the boss’s arm, then punches his face in.  Literally, punches his face in.  It’s great (lol) and then he looks at Ray, who is freaking out, and tells the rest of the men he needs cellphones and to speak to Ray privately.  Ray tries to make a run for it and Bad Cooper shoots him in the leg.  At the door, that sore thumb suit guy asks if he needs any money.  Bad Cooper says no, and he leaves.  Bad Cooper asks who he is working with, and Ray says he’s working with Philip Jeffries.  He’s never met him, he’s only ever talked to him on the phone. He set up the jail break, and he was supposed to kill Bad Cooper and put this ring on his hand.  Ray then pulls out the owl cave ring.


That one

Bad Cooper tells him to put the ring on, then asks him where Philip Jeffries is.  Ray says he doesn’t know at first, then says that he’s at the Flying Dutchmen, but before he can say he doesn’t know what that is or where that is, Bad Coop shoots him.  After he shoots him, the ring disappears, and we see it reappear in the red room.  We also see Ray in the floor of the red room, bleeding, and Mike puts the ring back on the table.  We go back to where all the scruffy bunch are watching everything go down on that giant TV, and we see Richard Horne emerge from the back and he’s looking on.

Hutch and Chantel are driving along in Utah, presumably  headed to Las Vegas for that double hit.  Chantel is talking about how Mormons don’t drink alcohol or coffee or soda and they don’t have sex until they’re married.  Hutch says that he thinks they get to marry like, 5 women or something.

Janey E drops Dougie off at work, and she’s still just over the moon.  Tony is waiting for Dougie to come in, and we see Dougie run smack into the glass door.  Someone comes over and opens the door for him, and Tony stops him and asks if he wants some coffee.  He pulls Dougie over to the coffee shop in the building and gets him some coffee.  Dougie gets up and looks at some cherry pie in the case, and while he’s up Tony pours some poison into the coffee.  Dougie comes  back to the table, but stops and seems enamoured by Tony’s dandruff.  He sort of pokes at his shoulders and rubs them a little and Tony is overcome with guilt.  He gets up and starts apologizing and grabs Dougie’s coffee and runs to the bathroom.  Dougie doesn’t get it, and takes Tony’s coffee and sits back down.  The woman from the shop brings Dougie his pie, and there he is…drinking coffee and eating pie…still doesn’t go back to normal.  Tony pours the coffee out in the restroom, and someone looks over and says “it’s that bad huh?”

Tony then goes with Dougie to Bushnell’s office and confesses everything.  Bushnell says he already knows because Dougie told him.  The only thing Tony can do to make it up to them is to testify against Duncan Todd.

Shelly gets a call from Becky while she’s working, and Becky is upset because Steven’s  been gone for two days.  I mean, I would be permanently gone if someone was trying to shoot me, I digress.  Shelly suggests she comes down to get some pie, it’ll make her feel better and they can talk.  Becky agrees.

Later at the RR we see Bobby coming in for some dinner.  Then he notices BIG ED HURLEY SITTING WITH NORMA!  Everyone rejoices!  We all think oh my GOD FINALLY SOMETHING IS RIGHT IN THIS WORLD!  Ed + Norma 4ever!  However, sadly, this is short lived.  Bobby tells Ed that they found something from his dad today, and they were going to check it out soon.  Some…LOSER named Walter comes in..(I hate this guy right away) and Norma kisses his cheek when he comes to their booth.  Ed and Bobby move over to another booth, and Ed looks on, pining after Norma.  I’m so distraught. 😥 My feelings cannot handle this heartbreak.

So this jerk comes in and is telling Norma that her Norma’s RR franchises are doing great.  The only one that isn’t turning a profit is the original.  He says that the issue is because she’s not charging enough for pie.  Norma says that people have said the pie isn’t as good in the other locations, and maybe they aren’t following the recipe.  She uses all natural, organic and local ingredients.  He also suggests that she changes the name of the original R&R because the name recognition is a big deal.  Norma disagrees, because the people of Twin Peaks have been coming to the RR Diner for years and she’s not going to change it.

Nadine is at her store, typing away, and outside a truck drives by, screeches to a halt, and backs up.  We see that Dr. Jacoby gets out and goes to the door.  Nadine is totally star struck (which is so funny, because she’s known him for years) and asks if she can call him Dr. Amp.  He really loves her display (showing his golden shovel) and she loves his show.  She says his system is working for her, and he’s glad.  He also says he remembers seeing her about 7 years ago at the grocery store, looking for a potato on the ground.  I think these two should just get together so that Ed is free to be with Norma.

In Twin Peaks Sarah Palmer is watching a boxing match.  She’s sitting in her dark living room, smoking, and watching this old, black and white fight, drinking.  A few short while in, you notice that the fight she is watching is looping, and there is some sort of electric sound.  Every time there is a loop, Sarah seems to be on a loop, and she’s making a new drink with every loop.  This goes on for probably 5 or so minutes.

Audrey is basically in the same position with Charlie, just in a different room.  She’s still mad at him, but she  needs him to go with her to the Roadhouse.  She asks if it’s far, he says she knows where it is.  She goes on about how she feels like she isn’t herself, she wants to go but she wants to stay, and she’s really upset.  Charlie mentions that he won’t finish her story if she leaves, and she sits down like an obedient child, and asks what story is that?  “Is that the one about the little girl down the lane?”  BIZZARRO…

We go back over to the Roadhouse, and we have the announcer from Episode 8 and he announces JAMES…HURLEY.  Everyone seems so hyped, and he starts playing that STUPID SONG…FROM THE ORIGINAL SHOW.  “Just you and I” I personally was cackling like a psycho the entire time, because if this doesn’t say David Lynch is trolling everyone, I don’t’ know what does.  In that same booth that everyone who we see their oddball conversations, we see a girl named Renee, watching James, crying, obviously very touched by this song.  It’s kind of garbage because you don’t know if she knows he’s been singing that song to every girl he likes for over 25 years.  GIRL GET OUT.  JAMES IS TRASH! 😀

Lastly we see Big Ed again, at his gas station, eating some soup he got from the RR.  He’s just sitting there, looking out into the night as cars drive by.  The credits start to roll, and he grabs a little bit of paper and burns it with a match.  I don’t know what that paper was, but it’s gone now.

At this point I think it’s very clear Cooper isn’t going to be himself again until probably the very end…and probably has something to do with Norma’s pie.  Right now I’m just wanting to see what is going to happen when Bad Cooper gets back into Twin Peaks, and what happens when Hawk, Bobby and Sheriff Truman get to Jack Rabbit’s Palace and head to the other location.  I also want to know what is going on with Audrey.  I also need some kind of warning if we’re going to see David Bowie unexpectedly.

Until next time, happy sewing! 😀

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