Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

More sped along storylines, more cool stuff.

We start off with Bron saving Jamie, pulling him out of the water (really far from the fighting, so like, how long were they down there, how much time has passed since the last episode, so many questions) so they are in fact, safe and sound, not bbq’d, and will be returning to King’s Landing.  Back where all the fighting went on, we see Tyrion walking through the ashen bodies, dothraki picking through bodies looking for armor, and we see Daenerys on a rock with her dragon behind her.  She’s telling the living members of the enemy soldiers that they can bend the knee, serve her and help her to “break the wheel that rolls over the rich and poor alike” or die.  A few of the men neal, however Randyll Tarly and Dickon both stay standing.  Daenerys calls Randyll forward, and gives him another chance, and he replies saying she is a foreign invader, she has no right to the throne, and as he is being escorted to the side Dickon says that he will not neal either.  Randyll tries to tell him to neal but he refuses.  Tyrion tries to reason with Daenerys, and she says she is not taking prisoners.  They are then burned alive by Drogon.  After that, all the other men neal.

Daenerys lands back at Dragonstone where John Snow is waiting.  After Drogon lands, he roars and it almost seems like he’s laughing at John.  He slowly crawls forward and bends down, and John TOUCHES THE DRAGON.  Okay, look, puppy sure, you reach out and pet a puppy, but this is a dragon.  It’s teeth are as big as your arm, John!  He’s just asking to die.  But, he pets it, which is pretty nuts, considering most people that get close to the dragons get fried.  Daenerys really seems to like this, and she gets off his back and walks to John.  She comments on how beautiful they are, and John sort of jokes about that’s not what he was thinking.  She looks at him like “excuse me who do you think you are” and he agrees, beautiful.  She explains that no matter how big and scary they are to others, they’re her children.  Behind them we see Jorah return, and Daenerys is very happy to see him.  She even hugs him!  John didn’t seem too pleased about that, but look, John, Jorah is like, 60 years old and not like Sean Connery, so I think you’re okay. 😉

In Winterfell Bran wargs (mind control thing) into some crows, and they fly north of the Wall.  I’m not sure if it was just one crow or all of them, but they all fly for a little while and they see the army of White Walkers and wights (the wights are just the zombie type dead people that the White Walkers create, the pawns of the army).  As they’re flying along, the Night King LOOKS UP AT THE CROWS SO SCARY!!!!  And all the crows disperse!  Because OMG!

night king


Bran lets the meister know that they need to send ravens out.

In the Citadel Sam overhears the meisters meeting, discussing the raven from Winterfell.  He hears them, basically brushing off “some crippled boy in the north seeing an army of the dead through a crow” (because seriously even they think that’s just silliness) and Sam interrupts them to say that is Brandon Stark, he let him go north of the wall, he survived north of the wall for years, they should listen to what he has to say.  They don’t listen to him, because they think that these stories have been going around for years and they think it’s ridiculous.  They’re going to ask for clarification.  After Sam leaves, the other meisters ask if he is the one who’s father and brother were burned alive by the dragon queen, and the Archmeister Ebrose says yes, but he hadn’t the heart to tell him yet.  Later on we see Sam working away on copying books, and Gilly is reading a septon’s records of his time in King’s Landing.  How many steps there were, windows in the Great Sept (none, now) and Sam isn’t really paying much attention.  He’s still furious over the meisters not listening to him.  Gilly asks what annulment means, Sam explains that’s when a husband “puts his wife aside” and she starts to read about Rhaegar had his marriage annulled and had a secret marriage in Dorne.  Sadly before she can read any further Sam jumps up and starts going on about how he can’t just sit by and read about the rest of the world and not do anything to help, so he grabs a bunch more books, grabs Gilly and baby Sam and they head out.  Nevermind, Sam, you don’t need to know that your BFF John isn’t a Snow, and he’s a legitimate Targaryen!

Tyrion and Varys are discussing Daenerys, and how Tyrion needs to make her listen to his advice.  He can only not feel guilty for her burning people alive as her father did for so long.  Varys has a scroll for John, and John reads it in disbelief.  He now knows that Arya is in Winterfell, who he thought was dead, and so is Bran, who he also thought was dead.  He tells them that Bran saw the army of the dead and he needs to return home.  They devise a plan to go north of the wall and bring back a wight and show Cersei so that they can have a ceasefire temporarily to defeat the army of the dead.  Jorah and John are going to head north to Eastwatch, because that is the closest spot on the wall to where the army of the dead are.  Daenerys isn’t very happy to see either of them to go, but they leave anyway.  Davos is going to smuggle Tyrion into King’s Landing so he can meet with Jamie and convince him to go along with their plans.

In King’s Landing Jamie has to tell Cersei about the defeat, he also tells her that it was Olynna that poisoned Joffrey.  She’s furious and asks if that was before or after he poisoned her so gently, against her wishes.  Later Bronn leads Jamie down to the keep where the dragon skulls are under the guise of training, and leaves him there to speak with Tyrion.  He explains the ceasefire to Jamie and leaves it to Jamie to make it happen with Cersei.  Davos heads over to Fleabottom (probably my favorite of all the little town names) where he finds Gendry working away in a blacksmithery.  Gendry is ready to head out, he grabs a warhammer and they head back to their little boat.  Some guards try to stop them and Davos pays them off.  Unfortunately Tyrion comes down and the guards start to question if he’s the dwarf they were looking for a few months back, and before they can do anything Gendry smashes their heads in with that warhammer.  Jamie goes to Cersei and starts to explain the meeting with Tyrion, and she lets him finish and then says that she already knew about their meeting.  She also informs Jamie that she’s pregnant, and everyone threw up a little in their mouths.

As we get back to Dragonstone, Davos is explaining to Gendry not to tell John who he is, just be polite, and Gendry immediately tells John that he’s Gendry Baratheon, Robert Baratheon’s bastard, and he knows that he’s Ned’s bastard, and that their fathers were friends and they should be too.  Oh okay, that’s just, okay fine.  They remark to each other that Gendry is much thinner and John is much shorter than their respective fathers.  Tyrion and Jorah finally meet again, and Tyrion gives Jorah the coin that got them out of slavery.  He tells him to keep it and return it when they get back from the north.  Daenerys remarks that she and Jorah should be better at saying goodbye, but it looks like she has a harder time saying goodbye to John.  They group packs up and they head north.

Again in Winterfell, Arya sees the northern lords losing faith in John, but Sansa tries to reassure them that he’s coming back and he’s the King of the North.  Later….Arya is stalking Littlefinger.  Flat out, she’s just stalking him around, but he knows it.  OF COURSE HE DOES, HE’S THE SCARIEST MAN IN THE SEVEN KINGDOMS!


You’ll never outsmart this guy.  Probably.

Arya finds a note that Littlefinger has hidden for her to find, which was the note Sansa wrote to Rob while she was being held in King’s Landing, telling him about Ned’s beheading, and asking Rob to swear loyalty to Joffrey.

As John and the gang get to Eastwatch, they’re explaining to Tormund about the situation, catching the wight, bla bla bla.  Tormund tells him they’ve got some extra people at Eastwatch.  They go to the…jail cells? dungeons? and there they find the Hound with the Brotherhood without Banners.  There is a big bunch of “you did this to me, your family did this to mine” back and forth between all of them, which is kind of cool to see all these stories coming together, but John quickly squashes all of that by saying they’re all on the same side because they’re all breathing.  They get loaded up and head out north of the wall!

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to be watching one show that is dragging slowly and one that is pushing you along faster than you want.  I’m still enjoying both! 😀 By the way, don’t watch the leaks.  I know that HBO uploaded the next episode early, but just don’t watch early!  Just wait, because we’re about to have the next to last episode coming this Sunday, do you really want to rush it or do you want to wait?  Do you want to savour the Game of Thrones as long as you can?!  Yea, that’s what I thought.  Until next time, happy sewing! 😀

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

  1. okay, one, I would have no problem getting with Jorah (now that Sam fixed him back up). Two, that is the best screenshot of Littlefinger, he is the best (and by the best, I mean the absolutely worst).

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