Twin Peaks: We are like the dreamer

Things just get curiouser as they become more clear.

Something I’ve been waiting for for quite some time, we start this episode with Gordon Cole calling Twin Peaks Sheriff Department.  Lucy answers, and it’s the perfect exchange between these two.  Gordon recognizes Lucy and asks if she’s been there this whole time, and she says that she’s been home and that she and Andy had taken vacations, even to Bora Bora, and Cole just looks stunned for a good minute.


I love you, Lucy!

Cole asks for Sheriff Truman, Lucy transfers Cole to Frank, who Cole confuses for Harry.  Frank explains that it’s odd that he happened to call, because they’d recently found something related to the time when Dale Cooper was in town; pages from Laura Palmer’s diary that mentioned Dale Cooper and a paper that had mention of two Coopers.  Cole says that while he cannot comment on this, he is very appreciative to get this information.  He gives his best to Frank and Harry, and heads to a room where Tammy and Albert are discussing the first Blue Rose case.  Albert explains that in 1975 in Olympia, Washington, Gordon Cole and Phillip Jeffries were on a case, when they discovered a hotel room with two women in it.  Both women were the same woman, Lois Duffy, and one of the Lois’s shoots the other, and before she dies, she said “I’m like the blue rose” and then vanished.  Lois never said she was guilty, she’d committed no crimes, and later hung herself.  When Albert asks what Tammy should be thinking about in this case, she replies that the blue rose doesn’t occur naturally in nature, and that maybe the woman was a tulpa.  A tulpa is sort of like a doppelganger, but more of a manifestation.  That relates to how Dougie Jones, when he went back to the lodge, was told he was manufactured.  Cole comes in the room, and Diane follows shortly after.  Cole asks if Cooper mentioned Major Briggs to Diane, and she says yes, and Cole mentions that they found the wedding ring in Major Briggs’ body, along with the strange circumstances around his body.  She is shocked at the mention of the inscription, because her half sister is named Janey E, and they’re estranged, but she knows that she lives in Las Vegas and her husband is named Doug Jones, and everyone calls him Dougie.  Cole calls the Nevada FBI Office and tells them it’s high priority, they need information about a Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jones.  This is pretty silly because one agent mentions the number of Douglas Jones and how will they find the right one, and the other yells THIS IS WHAT WE DO IN THE FBI!

After Diane leaves, Cole tells Tammy and Albert about a dream he had, a Monica Bellucci dream.  He was working on a case in Paris, and Monica called to meet at a cafe.  Cooper was there but he couldn’t see his face.  They all have coffee, and Monica says “we are like the dreamer, who dreams and lives in the dream, but who is the dreamer?”  She then looks over Cole’s shoulder and motions for him to look back, and when he looks over his shoulder he sees himself in the Philadelphia FBI office, in the scene from Fire Walk With Me, where Cooper tells Cole he’s worried about a dream he’d had, and Phillip Jeffries comes in and asks “Who do you think that is there?” pointing at Cooper.  Cole says “Damn!  I’d forgotten all about that!” and Albert also says he was starting to remember that as well.

We head back to the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department, and Andy is setting out some RR sandwiches, which, hey I thought there was no lunch in the conference room!  Chad comes in, and when he does, Frank handcuffs him.  They tell him they’ve been on to him for months, and they’re throwing him in the slammer.  After this Bobby, Frank, Andy and Hawk all get the cutest little Twin Peaks Sheriff Department issued backpacks and head into the woods.  You can clearly hear electric sounds in the air.  (I’m going to have to investigate how to get one of those…or at the very least a patch!)  They head off on a wonderful looking hike, Bobby reminisces about how his dad used to take him out here, and it was close to the secret base his dad would work at.  Suddenly, they’re there!  Jack Rabbit’s Palace.  It’s a large, old tree stump.  I could see how this could be a cool place when you’re a kid.  Bobby says how he and his father would hang out and he would tell “really great tall tales.”  The group gets some dirt and put it in their pockets, and they head east 253 yards.  As they get closer, they see a smokey area, a spot that sort of looks like a well filled with golden liquid, a small sycamore tree, and a naked woman laying on the ground.  As they get closer, Andy sort of rolls her over; it’s the woman with no eyes that we saw back in episode 3 that kind of flew away and just kept making weird sounds.  She’s still making weird sounds, and she’s laying on the ground sort of moving oddly, and Andy holds her hand.  Frank mentions that it’s 2:53, and they all stand up, looking upwards, and they see a vortex -similar but different- to the one Gordon Cole saw, and suddenly Andy vanishes.

Andy is suddenly sitting in a black and white room across from whom we have always known as the giant.  The giant introduces himself as the Fireman, and sort of lifts his hand in a peaceful way.  A weird, geometric apple type thing appears in Andy’s hands, and smoke seems to be coming out of it…it seems backwards.  Andy looks up and there is sort of a window that appears above him.  He watches as he sees the monster from the box in episode 1, he sees the similar creature that was puking up those orbs -including the Bob orb-, he sees the light pole where the boy was hit by Richard, he sees the convenient store and the men shuffling around, he sees everyone’s favorite skull crushing “gotta light?” man, he sees the girl running across the courtyard at the Twin Peaks school after Laura died, he seems Laura’s face with angels on either side, he sees the eyeless woman, he sees the two Coopers side by side, the eyeless woman again, he sees one of the sheriff department phones, he sees himself leading Lucy into a room and her looking back and forth at two things we can’t see, he sees power lines, and then we see the smoke go back into the apple thing and it vanishes.  Suddenly everyone seems to appear back at Jack Rabbit’s Palace.  They all sort of morph in, almost like they’re in slow motion and have tracers behind them.  Andy reappears with the eyeless woman (Naido) and says they need to keep her safe, she’s very important, and people are trying to kill her.  Frank asks what happened to them, and Hawk says something, but he can’t remember.

Lucy gives Naido some pajamas, and they put her in a jail cell.  Andy yells at Chad for being a bad cop and making others look bad.  There is a third man down in the cell area, and he’s very badly injured (why isn’t he in the hospital?) bleeding all over the place, he kind of looks like someone who’s been in a bad car accident the way his face is swollen, bruised and bleeding.  He is repeating everything he hears, which annoys Chad, who is too stupid to know that if he stops yelling at this man he’ll shut up.  Naido starts making those crazy sounds again, which sort of sound like a mixture of monkey and dolphin sounds, and the bleeding man copies him.  Chad is being driven nuts by this.

At the Great Northern Lodge, James and Freddy (green glove man) are sitting at a loading dock smashing open nuts.  They work there as security guards, and they’re waiting on a delivery.  They talk about the Roadhouse, and when they talk about Renee (the girl James seems to be pining over) James mentions that she’s married.  James asks about Freddy’s glove, and he says James wouldn’t believe him.  James says that it’s his birthday, so he should tell him.  Freddy says that when he was living in Londontown, he was just puttering through life, no goals or ambitions.  He sees some boxes in an alleyway, and when he jumps over the boxes, he ends up through a vortex.  He eventually ended up talking to “this man called the fireman” who told him to buy a specific glove from the hardware store, it’ll just be one glove, and put it on, and he’ll have the power of a piledriver in his fist.  He goes the next day and finds the said glove, and the store doesn’t want to sell it to him since it’s been opened.  He eventually takes the glove, ends up punching someone out, and shocked by the power in his hand.  He also mentions that once the glove is on his hand he can’t take it off.  He’s tried to take it off but he bleeds.  The fireman also told Freddy that his destiny was in Twin Peaks, so he went to the airport to get a ticket, but he already had one waiting for him.  James heads inside to check things out, and he’s walking through a long corridor, possibly a boiler room, following the same humming that Ben and Beverly have been hearing, and it seems to be coming from a door.

Elsewhere in Twin Peaks we see Sarah Palmer, strolling down the street, heading into the Elk Bar.  This must be the bar where the older people hang out, since all the kids are always crowding the Roadhouse.  Rude kids, hanging out at bars…anyway.  She orders a Bloody Mary, and she notices a man sitting further down the bar looking at her.  He strolls over, wearing a glorious “truck you” shirt, and he asks if she’s drinking alone.  She asks him to please go back to where he was sitting.  He says that’s not very polite, she says it’s not supposed to be, please go back to where he was.  He accuses her of being a lesbian. (obviously the only thing that would ever keep any woman from just falling for this guy…)

the rock eye roll


He then threatens her, and she looks straight at him and says “I’ll eat you.”  He calls her crazy, and oh boy he didn’t even KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING!  She opens her face, just like Laura did in the lodge, except her face is filled with darkness.  There is a serpentine forked tongue thing coming out, and then there is a white hand that appears inside the face, with the ring finger darker than the rest of the hand, and it appears to be opening a face inside, and you see a smile.  Not just any smile, this is Laura’s smile.  The ring finger is the one that Gordon Cole identified as the spiritual mound, so it’s as if this is a dark spirit, and I am pretty sure that this is Laura’s doppelganger inhabiting Sarah Palmer.  She then says “do you really want to f* with this?” and closes her face, then quickly leans forward, bites his throat out, and he falls to the floor.  I  mean, how else would you respond to a creep at the bar?  Probably my favorite response I’ve ever seen, to be honest. 🙂 Sarah screams, and the bartender runs over and asks what happened, she says he just fell over and she was just drinking her drink.  He says “with half his neck missing?!” and she says, very straight faced, “it’s a real mystery isn’t it?” and he says they’ll get to the bottom of it. (Not going to lie, this may actually be my favorite scene so far)

As we wrap up this episode, we see two girls sitting in that same booth at the Roadhouse.  One girl asks about the sweater the other is wearing and asks where she lifted it from.  The other replies she stole it from Paula.  The first girl asks when she last saw Billy, and that she heard she was the last person to see him, (which, DING DING DING!!!) and she says yea, she saw him a few days ago.  He was running, and jumped over their 6 foot fence, then ran into their kitchen, and he was bleeding heavily from his face, then he ran back out.  She was there with her mom, and she couldn’t remember if her uncle was there.  The first girl asks what the other girl’s mom’s name is, and she says “Tina.”  She also mentions she knew something was going on with her mom and Billy.  While the band started to play, I noticed that the crowd at the Roadhouse seems to always be the same crowd.  I’m not sure if this is just for budget reasons, but I noticed I keep seeing the same people each episode.  There are different shots of the crowd, but it’s the same shots in each episode.

What in the world is going on in Twin Peaks?!  There’s only three more weeks left, and I’m just waiting.  Until next time, happy sewing!

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