Twin Peaks: There’s some fear in letting go

That’s how I feel, fear of letting go of this magnificent return! 😥

This week started off with quite a bang.  We see Nadine, walking along the side of the road.  She’s carrying her golden shovel, and she has the look of determination in her eyes.  She finally walks up to Big Ed’s Gas Farm, and she calls for Ed.  He asks how she got there, she walked, and she has to tell him something.  Nadine explains that she’s changed, she’s held Ed away from Norma for all these years because she was jealous of them, and that she has made him feel guilty to stay with her, and he has just been a saint.  Nadine says that she loves him very much, but she wants him to be free.  Ed asks her if she’s been watching Jacoby’s show, to which she says you know I have, and she’s fine now.  She has walked all the way over there and she knows what she wants, and she doesn’t want Ed to worry about her.  As she walks away, Ed noticeably has a tear in his eye.  Then, it looks like he’s had a weight lifted, or a punch of joy, and the next scene we see Ed pulling up to the RR Diner.  My eyes started to well up as Otis Redding “I’ve been loving you too long” started playing.  He goes in and waves to Norma, and he wastes no time telling her everything has changed.  Nadine has just given him his freedom.  She looks at him, and then behind him, where Walter is standing.  She tells him she can’t talk right now because Walter is there.  He looks absolutely gut punched.  I almost started crying at this.  Ed sits down and orders a coffee from Shelly, and a cyanide capsule.  We see Norma talking to Walter, and she tells Walter that she wants to sell off the franchises and just keep the RR.  Walter tries to advise her not to do so, but she says it’s what she wants.  He gets up to leave, tells her she’s making a mistake, and leaves.  We go back to Ed, and he’s just sitting there with his eyes closed, and suddenly, Norma’s hand is on his shoulder.

norma and ed

Ed asks her to marry him, she says of course, they kiss, Shelly looks on, and for once everything is right in Twin Peaks.

Before we get too comfortable, we go on a night drive with Bad Cooper.  He’s driving along, electricity in the air, and he pulls over to the convenience store.  Not just any ole convenience store.

shadow men

This one

He goes to the stairs on the side of the building with one of the woodsmen, and before they get to the top of the stairs they both vanish.  They appear in the room from Laura Palmer’s dream where she went into the picture with the floral wallpaper.


They walk up to a woodsman sitting at a table, drooling black stuff, and Bad Coop asks for Phillip Jeffries.  The woodsman flips a large switch and there’s just a loud electrical sound, we saw a quick flash of the Jumping Man from Fire Walk with Me.  Another woodsman comes through the doorway as the sitting one turns off the switch, and leads Bad Cooper through a dark corridor that fades into woods as they’re walking, then back into the corridor.  They then head up the flight of stairs that Gordon Cole saw in South Dakota, and they open the door at the top, which opens up outside to a seedy looking hotel.  He walks up to a door (#8) and the door is locked.  A woman walks up slowly and says “I’ll open the door for you” all backwards and red room-like and then walks away.  Bad Cooper goes in, and it’s just a dark, creepy room with a flickering overhead light and…an adorable gecko floor lamp.  (I cannot find a picture, and I’m disappointed.)  He looks at a wall, which just sort of fades away, and there is what I can only describe as a giant tea pot.  It looks like that big crazy bell thing from when Cooper met the eyeless woman, and from the room with the giant/fireman from episode 8.  The only difference is that it has a little spout, and smoke is coming out of it.

Out of nowhere, Phillip Jeffries voice comes out of this thing.  Bad Coop asks if Phillip called him 5 days ago (which, wow, from episode 1 to episode 15 has been only 5 days in his timeline) and why he asked Ray to kill him.  Phillip denies asking Ray to kill him, and he says he doesn’t have Bad Coop’s number.  Phillip says “we used to talk” and Bad Coop brings up the time Phillip showed up in the Philadelphia office talking about not wanting to talk about Judy.  Coop asks who is Judy, and Phillip says “You’ve already met Judy” then Cooper asks angrily who is Judy (welcome to everyone that watched Fire Walk With Me‘s question realm!) and Phillip says “ask Judy yourself” and starts…”smoke ringing” some numbers out “4 8 6 5 5 1” and then a phone starts ringing, the phone looks like it had a 3 or a 6 on it, really difficult to tell.  There is another loud electric flash, and as Coop answers the phone, he is transported outside Quantum Leap style, and he looks around, and wouldn’t you know it, everyone’s favorite loser Richard Horne is standing there pointing a gun at him.

Richard says that he recognized him at the farm as “this FBI guy” his mom had a picture of, and Cooper looks at him suspiciously and says “who’s your mom?”  He replies, Audrey Horne, and everyone finally has the definitive answer to who his mom is, but not the answer of who is his father.  Cooper handily beats him up pretty effortlessly, and tells Richard not to threaten him again.  He tells him to get in the truck and they’d talk on the way.  As they pull away from the convenience store, smoke starts to come out of it again, and there are lots of electric flashes, and it fades away into nothing.

We see a man walking an adorable little Boston Terrier in the woods, and then we see Steven and Donna Hayward’s sister Gersten (what a name…) and they’re huddled together at the base of a large tree.  Steven is scratching his leg like it’s on fire, and he’s holding a gun.  He is rambling about something that he did, and it’s really hard to tell what he’s talking about.  Gersten is trying to calm him down to no avail.  He pulls a bullet out of his pocket and puts it in the already close to full clip and he says, in a lot of jumbled thoughts, that he wants to shoot himself.  Gersten tries to tell him not to, that he didn’t do it, that Becky did it.  The guy walking the dog walks up and sees them, and when they see the guy, Gersten runs to the other side of the tree.  This is like, a really big tree.  The next thing we know, there is a gun shot, and Gersten is really upset, but that totally fried out of her mind upset so her reaction is really strange.  We then see the guy walking out with the dog (thankful they’re safe!) and he walks up to Carl in the Fat Trout, and we only hear him say “the guy that lives in that trailer” and he points at Becky and Steven’s trailer.  The assumption here is that Steven shot himself, but we aren’t sure.

In the Roadhouse, the MC announces that the next song was Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top, and turns up a giant fake volume knob. (he does a little dance, and it’s everything)  James and Freddy walk in, and they see Renee, her husband Chuck and another couple sitting at the booth.  James says hello to Renee, and Chuck looses it.  James stutters and says that he was just being polite, and Chuck gets up and starts beating James up.  It’s really brutal, and the other guy at the booth starts kicking James, and then Freddy pops in and lays them both out -and into the ICU- with a single punch to each of them.  It’s such a hard punch that it makes the music skip.  James tells the crowd to call 911, and apologizes to Renee.  Later we see James and Freddy are taken to the jail at the sheriff department.  The beaten, bloody man is still mimicking everything, and it’s still making Chad crazy.  James notices Naido in the cell across the way and is very confused.

In Las Vegas we see the FBI has brought in a Douglas Jones and his wife and kids…but it’s the wrong ones!  We then see Duncan Todd on the phone asking if Robert had heard from Anthony.  He says he hasn’t, and tells him to get him on the phone, but before he can even finish his request Chantel comes in and shoots both of them.  She starts to leave, but can hear Robert still gasping, and goes back to finish him off.  She tells Hutch on the phone “one down, one to go” which means Duncan was half of the double header in Las Vegas.  We then see Hutch and Chantel discussing murder and religion still, and torture, and how torturing someone while they’re alive is better than after they’re dead.  Chantel complains about tiny ketchup packets (I feel ya, girl!) and Hutch pulls out her dessert, to her delight.  It’s kind of hard to hate them, because they’re a lovable hit man duo.

Dougie Coop is sitting down and Janey brings him over a big slice of chocolate cake.  He takes a bite, she asks if it’s delicious, which he replies “delicious.”  She is overly happy, and tells Dougie all of their dreams are coming true, then leaves him to his cake.  He’s taking one little bite at a time, and he moves the salt shaker away from the pepper.  Then he starts to poke buttons on the remote control, still just eating away.  Suddenly the TV turns on and he looks up.  An old black and white movie is on, and he’s watching, when suddenly someone says “get Gordon Cole” and it’s like something’s finally clicked for real in there.  He starts hitting more buttons until he pauses the show, then he starts to hear a buzzing sound from the electrical outlet.  He takes his fork and starts crawling towards the outlet.  I’m just watching, pulling away like “no Dougie don’t do it!” and he can’t stick the tines into the outlet, so he turns the fork around and shoves the handle in.  He is electrocuted, and the power goes out, and Janey screams.

Hawk receives a final call from Margaret Lanterman, the Log Lady.  She tells Hawk that she’s dying, and he tells her he’s sorry.  She starts to tell him that dying isn’t the end, it’s just a change.  Margaret tells him to remember what she told him, when they could meet face to face, to be careful of the one under the moon light, the one on Blue Pine Mountain.  She then says that her log is turning gold, and that the wind is moaning, and that she is dying.  Margaret tells Hawk goodnight, and he says goodnight, and once she hangs up, he says goodbye, Margaret.  We then see the lights go out on her home in the woods, and we see Hawk calling the rest of the deputies into the conference room (where Frank is looking at pictures of fish on his laptop?!) to tell them all that she’s passed away.  This scene was incredibly sad, seeing as this was shot shortly before this actress’s death.


Goodbye, Margaret.

We check back in with Audrey and Charlie, and Charlie is standing at the door with his coat on.  Audrey is basically tiptoeing around putting her coat on so they can leave, and after some back and forth, Charlie takes his coat off and goes to the other room.  Audrey storms in, jumps on him and starts to choke him, telling him how much she hates him.  This is SO weird, I have no idea what is going on with my beloved Audrey.

We end up back at the Roadhouse, where we see a girl sitting at that booth we keep visiting.  Some big guys come over and she tells them she’s waiting on someone.  They pick her up and set her in the floor, and after a bit she starts slowly crawling into the crowd.  Once she gets a few people deep, she starts screaming frantically.

This episode got me so overwhelmed.  I was yelling at the tv, crying happy tears, crying sad tears, a full range of emotions, and I loved it.  Every week I feel like “this is my favorite episode so far” which, is incredible.  I’m excited to see where we’re going but I’m sad to see it coming to and end.  Until next time, happy sewing! 🙂

P.S. I think that Judy is actually Major Briggs.  His name is Garland Briggs, and I think that Judy could be a nickname that Phillip Jeffries gave him. 😉

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