Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf

Thankfully avoided any spoilers, and it was totally worth it!

There were so many points during this episode that I just KNEW someone was going to die, and then one that I wasn’t really expecting, so let’s get into it!

Cersei and Jaime are basically pacing around; Cersei doesn’t trust this meeting at all, Jaime is trying to convince her to just chill out and hear what they have to say.  She agrees, then tells The Mountain in which order she’d like him to kill people if they cross her.

Then we start off heading to the Dragon Pit; we have all of the big characters here except for Daenerys.  There are a lot of characters that we haven’t seen together in a long while; Tyrion, Podrick, The Hound, Brienne, Bronn.  They all go on about how dead they’re probably going to end up, regardless they’re happy to see each other again.  Brienne and The Hound discuss Arya, and how neither of them could keep her safe, but she doesn’t need protecting anymore, and neither of them want to be on her bad side  Shockingly The Hound doesn’t bring up Tormond, Brienne’s lover, obviously, even if she doesn’t know it yet.  Outside of the castle walls the Unsullied and the Dothraki screamers (apparently that’s what they’re called) are standing by.

They all make their way to the Dragon Pit and wait for Cersei and her entourage to arrive.  They stroll in; Cersei, Qyburn, Jaime, The Mountain, and even Euron.  They’ve decided they’re going to wait on Daenerys, and she arrives shortly, two dragons in tow.  Drogo crawls into the dragon pit, roars out, and Daenerys crawls off, apologizes for being late and takes her seat.  Cersei just gives this look like “oh I’m so impressed”

cersei eye roll

Oh whoopy doo..I thought you had three dragons.

Before anyone can do anything, The Hound comes face to face with The Mountain, and asks if he remembers him, and says that he knows what’s coming for him, that “he’s always known” then heads below the Dragon Pit.  Tyrion starts off the meeting, but it quickly cut off by Euron who tells Theon he’s got Yara, and if he doesn’t submit to him, he’ll kill her.  Tyrion basically rebuts with “rude” and Euron makes a joke about Tyrion’s stature.  He shrugs this off, and continues to explain the threat coming.  Jon Snow also reaffirms Tyrion and says that there’s only one war that matters, and it’s here.  The Hound returns with a big box that he slowly unlatches, and when he kicks it over their captured wight comes screaming out of it, and lunges right for Cersei.  For once, since maybe the time she thought she and a then young Tomlin were going to die, we see fear in Cersei’s eyes.  Before it gets to her, it’s chain is taught.  The Hound cuts it in half, it’s still alive, he cuts off it’s hand, it’s hand still wiggles on its own.  Jon explains that they can kill them with fire and dragon glass.  Jaime asks how many are coming, and Daenerys says at least one hundred thousand or more.  Jon explains that this is the fate of everyone in Kings Landing if they don’t all join forces against this threat.  Euron says that he’s out, he’s heading back to the Iron Islands, suggests that Daenerys does the same thing, and leaves.

Cersei agrees to help, just as long as Jon Snow stays out of the conflict between she and Daenerys.  He says that he can’t do that because he’s already pledged loyalty to her, and he cannot undo his promise.  Cersei storms off, and Brienne tries to talk to Jaime, who says that he’ll try to talk to her.  Daenerys is like “thanks Jon but really, come on” and even Tyrion is like you could have lied a little.  Jon says that his father died from keeping promises, but if someone doesn’t keep promises, then words stop meaning anything.  Tyrion says that he’s going to try to talk some sense into Cersei.  We see Jaime standing outside of Cersei’s room, where he’s been kicked out after trying to talk some sense into her.  They agree that she’s probably going to kill Tyrion, so they say their goodbyes.  The Mountain walks Tyrion in to see Cersei, which, I know that the Mountain is super tall, but he made Tyrion look extra tiny.  Tyrion tries to explain that even though she thinks that he hates their family, he doesn’t, and he was actually upset over the loss of their two beautiful children (not all three, because Joffrey was that awful) and that this is the only way their family can survive at all.  Cersei is in full rage mode and lays into Tyrion for killing their father, for destroying their family, and Tyrion finally says fine kill me now.

The Mountain waits for her order, and she DOESN’T GIVE IT-WHAT?!


No way!

Tyrion pours both of them a glass of wine, and when she doesn’t drink it, he realizes that she’s pregnant.

Back out in the pit we see Jon and Daenerys getting a little cozy in a corner, talking over tiny dragon bones.  She says that this dragon pit was the start of the fall of her family.  Jon says that her family could go on, and she says she can’t have any children.  Jon asks why she thinks that, and she says the witch that killed my husband told me so.  He asks if maybe she isn’t the most reliable source of information.  😮 Their little chat is interrupted when all the Lannisters reemerge, and Cersei agrees to send troops North to fight, and that she’s asking nothing from them in return.

The Northern crew all head back to Dragonstone, and they make plans to head to different positions.  They all discuss how Daenerys should go North, and she says she’ll go by ship; she’s not taking over the North, she’s protecting it.  Jon will go with her on the ship.

In Winterfell, Sansa is talking to Littlefinger, and he’s basically still trying to show her Arya’s just trying to kill her to take over Winterfell for herself.  Sansa is also distraught over Jon bending the knee to Daenerys, and that they’re heading back North.  We then see Sansa at the head of their great hall, all the Northern lords in attendance, as well as Bran by her side.  Arya is escorted in, and Arya asks if she really wants to do this now, Sansa nods, and then reads out the accusation of treason and murder, AGAINST LITTLEFINGER!



Littlefinger at first asks for the Knights of the Vale to take him back to the Eerie, they decline.  Sansa continues, saying that Lord Baelish had their uncle killed (omg like, season 1, forever ago) and then killed their aunt by KICKING HER THROUGH THAT MOON DOOR (that also seems like a lifetime ago.)  She then continues how how he first planted seeds of dissent between houses Stark and Lannister, and how he turned their mother against their aunt, sister against sister, which is what he’s been trying to do with her and Arya.  Bran also brings up that he held a knife to their father’s throat in Kings Landing and basically handed him over to be executed.  He gets on his knees, begging for her not to kill him, but instead of forgiving him, she thanks him for all the lessons he’d taught her.  Sansa then cuts his throat without hesitation.  THE BADDEST MAN IN THE SEVEN KINGDOMS IS OUT!


RIP you creepy creep.

Later Sansa and Arya are discussing how Baelish may have actually loved her, but she’s better off without him around, and that Sansa did the right thing.  Arya says it doesn’t bother her that Sansa is the Lady of Winterfell, and that she wouldn’t have survived what she had, nor would she be as good a lady as Sansa.  Sansa says she would have survived, that she was the strongest person she knew, but that she is still very strange and annoying.

Also in Winterfell, Sam arrives.  He goes in to see Bran, and Bran says that he’s happy to see him, he remembers that he helped him get north of the wall, as well as everything else, because he’s the three-eyed raven, and Sam is everyone and says that “Oh, I don’t know what that means.”  NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS, BRAN!  Then Bran tries to give him the quick version, he can see everything in the past and everything now.  He then says that Jon’s coming back soon, Sam asks if he saw that, you know, three eyed style, and Bran held up a scroll.  Bran says that Jon needs to know the truth about his heritage, that he isn’t really his father’s bastard, that he’s the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, and that his last name isn’t Snow, it’s Sand.  Sam says no, you’re wrong, Rhaegar and Lyanna were married in Dorne.  Bran heads back in time, bird style, and he watches Rhaegar and Lyanna getting married, very sweet, and then he heads back to the Tower of Joy where Lyanna died handing over Jon to Ned, and he gets a little better listen to what Lyanna whispered, “his name is Aegon Targaryen” and Bran starts to correct what we’ve heard all along, that Robert’s Rebellion was based on a lie, that Rhaegar and Lyanna loved each other.

At the same time, we are hearing all this about Jon’s parentage, and we see Jon coming to Daenerys’ room on their ship heading to the North.  They go in together, and end up sleeping together, and all the while Tyrion is standing down the hall in the shadows, looking concerned or angry or jealous, I’m not sure.

Back in Kings Landing, Jaime is discussing troop placement, and Cersei requests a private audience with him.  She asks him why he’s doing that, she didn’t mean it when she said she would send troops to help.  Jaime says that he made a promise and he intended to keep it.  Cersei tells him that Euron leaving was planned, that he’s actually headed to get the Golden Company to bring them over to bolster their forces.  She says that no one walks away from her.  Jaime tries to explain that if they don’t fight this threat of the dead, they’ll die even if the Northern forces destroy them, because whoever wins that fight will head south and kill them.  Cersei threatens to kill Jaime if he walks away from her, and the Mountain walks up behind him and pulls his sword partly out of its sheath.  He looks at him, looks at her, and says he doesn’t believe her.  I was SO SURE THAT JAIME WAS GOING TO GET IT!  We then see Jaime heading north, but before he can even leave Kings Landing, we see snow starting to fall.  Then there are lots of shots all around Kings Landing with snow gently falling.

We end up at the Wall at Eastwatch, where Tormond and Beric are looking out past the wall, and they see the army of the dead coming closer.  The three horns blast, signalling White Walkers.  They see a large cloud of snow and cold air creeping closer, and suddenly, a dragon comes flying out, fast, breathing ice blue fire and quickly darts away.  Tormond and Beric look out like we’d better get out of here, and start yelling for everyone to run.  We see that the Night King is riding on the back of Viserys, who is clearly tattered in the way that the dead get.  He seems much stronger than he was before, and can move much faster.  Viserys starts hovering, and starts blasting away at the wall.  It takes a few passes, but eventually that giant ice wall starts to crumble down.  As the snow starts to settle, the army of the dead is lead through the gap.


oh boy!

That’s the end of the season, and it looks like we may not get any answers about how this is going to end until 2019!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this season’s recap.  I’ll pick it back up once we get a new season, whenever that is! 🙂  To celebrate this season, I’m going to stock up with some little dragons in my shop soon, including a blue, icy dragon!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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