Twin Peaks: The Past Dictates the Future

Just putting it out there, my feelings are mixed.  This is just my recap of part 17, which left me a wreck.

This week starts us in the hotel room with the FBI gang right after the scene with Diane zipping away.  Gordon Cole says he couldn’t do it, couldn’t shoot Diane, but they all raise a glass to the bureau.  Cole then apologizes to Albert, and says that he’s kept a secret from him for the past 25 years.  He says that Major Briggs shared a discovery with Cooper of a purely evil being known as Jowday, which they eventually just started calling Judy.  Because of this, Cooper told Cole that if he disappeared the way that Phillip Jeffries did, to do anything he could to find him.  He was killing two birds with one stone.  He also shared that a paid informant (Ray) had gotten coordinates from Major Briggs, and that’s where Bad Cooper got them from.  Albert said he understood why he kept it secret, and Cole said he was still sorry.  The team receives a call from the Las Vegas FBI and they said they found Douglas Jones, but they didn’t know where he was, and Bud delivered the message to Cole “From DOUGIE!” that he was headed to Harry’s, and after a brief rundown of the recent events in Dougie’s life, they put together that Dougie was Cooper, and they packed it up to head out.

We see Bad Cooper driving along at night, and we see a flash of Naido in her cell, starting to act very nervous.  James and Freddie are really freaked out by her, because she’s waiving her hands around and making what sound like monkey sounds.  Down the hall there is the usual hatred between Chad and the bloody mess “drunk guy” who is still mimicking everything he hears.

Ben Horne receives a phone call from Wyoming that his brother had been found, completely baked out of his mind, and he’d apparently run the entire way, and he thought that his binoculars had killed someone.  Ben arranges for someone to pick him up.

Bad Cooper parked his truck on the side of the road, and ends up walking to Jack Rabbit’s Palace, then over to the place with the golden pool where the Twin Peaks police found Naido.  A vortex opens above him, but this time it’s black, and he disappears inside.  He appears in the room where the Giant/ Fireman was watching the bomb explosion from episode 8, but it’s just his face very large inside of a cage.  Opposite of his face is Major Briggs’ face.  The Giant/ Fireman waves his hand to sort of change the picture on the screen, and it shows the woods outside of the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s station.  The cage goes into the golden tube that the “Laura Orb” went into, and Bad Cooper appears outside of the sheriff’s station.

Andy is the first to see him, and is over joyed.  He invites him inside, and is so excited to tell Lucy, who is just as excited to see him.  Frank Truman brings him into his office, and they sit down to talk.  Andy suddenly remembers something from the vision he had in the room with the Giant/ Fireman, and runs to tell Lucy “Very important, very important!” (Keep in mind, Lucy is wearing that same sweater she was wearing in Andy’s vision)  Down stairs in the jail, Chad is breaking out, and he gets out of his cell, into his locker and gets a gun.  He comes out just as Andy is coming down to bring everyone up stairs.  He starts calling Andy several names, saying how he’s such a good cop (drunk guy copying everything) while Freddie and James are watching on from their cells.  Freddie puts it together to punch the door as soon as Chad gets close, and it knocks him out into the floor.  Up stairs Frank and Bad Cooper are talking, meanwhile Lucy gets a call from Cooper, who is on the way.  She’s pretty shocked, I mean, she doesn’t even understand how cell phones really even work, and here’s one guy she just saw calling in from somewhere else, and she responds “WHO?!” She then transfers the call to Frank, who says to take a message, but she insists, it’s very important call.  When Frank picks up Cooper says “Harry!  It’s Cooper, I’m heading in, is the coffee on?”  Frank gets this look on his face like, wait a minute, I’m looking at this guy, who is this on the phone, and he’s not hiding it very well because Bad Cooper pulls a gun, Frank pulls his gun, and before either can fire, Lucy shoots Bad Cooper!



As everyone runs into the room, guns drawn, Andy is bringing everyone up stairs, and Lucy exclaims that she understands how cell phones work now!  (OKAY LUCY…you sweet baby angel)  Cooper yells to Frank not to touch his body, and the next thing you know, those little shadowy smoke men show back up, just like before, smearing blood all over Bad Cooper all over him.  Cooper runs in, and the “Bob Orb” starts coming out of Bad Cooper’s chest again.  This time it floats up, and it flies into Cooper, knocking him down.  Cooper yells out to Freddy, “you’ve got that glove?!” and he yells back “ya, this is my destiny!” and he punches the orb, and after about 3 punches he punches it into a fiery pit into the floor.  It comes back out, and one more punch breaks it up into little pieces, and then it floats up and away, vanishing into the air.  Freddy asks “did I do it?” and Cooper says “you did it!” and puts the owl cave ring on Bad Cooper’s finger.  He then vanishes, and the ring bounces onto the floor in the Lodge.  Cooper then asks Frank if he’s got the room key from the Great Northern, and Frank asks how he knew, and he replies that Major Briggs told him he’d have it.  Just then, the FBI gang all shows up, along with Bobby Briggs, and he tells them that things will have to change, and the past dictates the future.  At this point, Cooper’s face is transparently over the screen.

Naido starts walking towards Cooper, hands out, and Cooper recognizes her from the room they were in together.  Suddenly, her face turns into a smokey hole, which like, peals apart, and then it kind of floats away, then we see that the woman with no eyes has actually been the real Diane this entire time.  However, she’s different, because instead of that white hair she’s had this entire time, it’s fire engine red.  Cooper and Diane share a passionate kiss, and he says “the one and only.”  The time on the clock starts flickering back and forth, and Cooper’s transparent face says “we live inside a dream”  Cooper then says I hope to see you all again, Cole yells out “Coop!” and Cooper, Diane and Cole all vanish, appearing in the boiler room in the Great Northern where James was hearing that  humming.  Cooper uses his room key to open the door, and Cole says “Be thinking of you, Coop” and he replies “I’ll see you at the curtain call” and walks into the door.

Cooper walks out of blackness, and all you can see is his face and the white of his shirt.  Mike walks up from the opposite side of the room, and he starts to say the Fire Walk with Me poem:

Through the darkness of future’s past,
The magician longs to see.
One chants out between two worlds…
“Fire… walk with me.”
We lived among the people.
I think you say, convenience store.
We lived above it.
I mean it like it is… like it sounds.
I too have been touched by the devilish one.

They start walking together through the hall that is going through the woods, and ending at the stairs at the end of the “Laura’s picture stairs” and they head up the stairs, and out the door.  Before they actually get out the door we quickly see the Jumping Man run down the stairs in a fast forward style.  Cooper and Mike walk to Phillip Jeffries’ room, and Phillip asks what date they want.  Cooper says February 23, 1989.  He says that it’s good to see you again, and that Judy maybe there, but someone else may be there.  Phillip also says “tell Gordon I said hello”.  He then shows them “where to find Judy” and then he shows them in smoke the owl cave symbol, then turns that into two diamond shapes on top of each other, then turns that into an 8, and then a little ball starts to go around the figure 8, and stops.  Phillip tells them they can go in now, and Mike says “Electricity” and suddenly we see young Laura Palmer, from Fire Walk with Me when she is leaving her house on the back of James’ bike, and we relive the scene before she meets with Leo, Jacques and Ronette, and Cooper is there, a safe distance away from them in the woods.  Laura screams, possibly seeing Cooper, and she starts to tell James about Bobby killing someone, and how he doesn’t know her, that her Laura’s gone and it’s just me now.  She kisses James, screams she loves him, and runs off into the woods.  We see Leo, Jacques and Ronette, and before Laura can get to them, Cooper stops her.  She looks really confused, and asks if she knows him, then says she saw him in a dream.  He then takes her hand, and says that he’s taking her home.  (brace yourself, I cried a little)

They’re walking along through the woods, on their way to Jack Rabbit’s Palace, and we get a look back at the first episode of Twin Peaks.  We see Jose putting her lipstick on, we see Pete getting ready to go fishing, telling Catherine bye, and as Pete walks out and mentions the fog horn, we see Laura’s body, wrapped in plastic, vanish from the beach.  Cooper saved Laura, she never died.  Not going to lie, I lost it.  Meanwhile, in current time, Sarah Palmer is moaning off camera in her home, and after a couple of minutes she comes out, grabs Laura’s picture, and throws it on the ground.  Then she smashes a vodka bottle into the picture, over and over, stabbing it.

We see them heading along through the woods, and then suddenly, that scratchy, weird sound from the first episode of the return starts…making sounds, and Laura vanishes.  Cooper looks back into the woods,and they fade into red curtains, and Julee Cruise (the original Roadhouse singer) performed “The World Spins.”  We then get a flash of Bad Cooper, flaming in the lodge, and then we see Mike creating a tulpa Cooper, to fill the space of Dougie in Las Vegas.  We then see Jayne E answering the red door in Las Vegas, and Dougie comes in and gives her a big hug, and he says he’s home. (Crying forever!)

I’ll cover the final hour in my next post, but I’m just warning you, I was so excited and sad all at the same time at the end of this hour, and I don’t want to spoil it, but I almost wished I’d not seen the last hour.

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

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