Twin Peaks: What is Your Name?

*heavy sigh*

So, this episode, the final hour, starts off showing us Dale Cooper leading Laura towards Jack Rabbit’s Palace, and we hear that weird sound, and he looks back and she is gone.  We then see Cooper back in the lodge, sitting with Mike like we did in the first episode, and Mike asks “is this future or is this past?”  He then follows Mike down the hall, and to the room with the Arm, who says again “I am the Arm, and I sound like this” and makes little creepy slurpy sounds.  Then the Arm says “Is this the story of the little girl who lived down the lane?” Cooper then walks back into the room where Leland Palmer is sitting, and he once again says “find Laura.”  Cooper then leaves the lodge like he did the first time, except there is no doppleganger Arm or anything blocking him, and he ends up at the ring of sycamore trees, where Diane is waiting.  Diane asks if it’s really him, and he says yes, and then asks if it’s really her, and she says yes.

Next we see them driving an older model car in the desert, for a very long time, and Diane asks if he’s sure he wants to do this, and Cooper says yes.  He stops the car once they’re about 430 miles from…somewhere…and he gets out.  He walks a few feet up, and feels a large electrical presence.  Cooper returns to the car, and before they start driving, he says “Kiss me, once we go through everything may be different.”  They kiss, Diane says “let’s go” and drive forward, seemingly through a portal, where it is now night, and they don’t say anything.  They drive for quite a while, and end up at a seedy hotel.  Cooper goes in, and Diane waits in the car.  She looks over and sees another Diane, standing behind a pole outside the front of the hotel.  She doesn’t seem worried about it.  Cooper comes back out, and they go into a room together.  Diane asks what now, and he says she should come over to him.  They then embark on the most uncomfortable sex scene you’ve ever seen.  He is just staring at her, emotionless, and she is squishing his face, then just covers his face, then just looks up and away with a face that looks more pained than anything else.  All the while “My Prayer” by the Platters is playing, which was what was playing in Episode 8 before the whole “this is the water this is the well” broadcast.

The next morning, Cooper awakens in a different hotel room, and Diane is nowhere to be found.  He sees a note on the table:


Whatever was between us is gone now.  I’m leaving, please don’t look for me.


Cooper is confused, because who are Richard and Linda?  He then leaves the hotel, and we see that he is now in Odessa.  He is now driving a Lincoln Town Car, and sees a diner named Judy’s.  He pulls in, and when the waitress asks for his order, he asks if there is another waitress that works there.  She says yes, but today is her day off.  As she leaves, some men start to pull on her dress and give her a hard time.  Cooper tells them to leave her alone, and they stand up and walk over, pulling a gun on him.  Cooper quickly disarms the leader, kicks him in the crotch, shoots the second man in the foot, and tells the third man to put his gun down.  He then takes the guns behind the counter, and asks the waitress to write down the other waitress’ address down for him.  He puts the guns in a deep frier, says he doesn’t know if the oil is hot enough to set off those bullets but the cook had better stay back.  He takes the address and leaves.

Cooper heads to the address, a rough little home with broken pots outside, and notices the light pole we saw at the intersection where Richard ran over the boy and at the Fat Trout.  He walks up to the door, and knocks, and someone who seems to be Laura Palmer as an adult answers the door.  She asks if he found him?  He asks what is your name, and she says Carrie Page.  Cooper explains that he believes she is actually Laura, that her father is Leland and her mother is Sarah, and that he needs to take her home.  She is a little reluctant at first, but she says that riding with the FBI may save her, and invites Cooper inside so she can get her things.

As Cooper goes inside, he sees a dead man who has been shot through the head sitting in the living room, as well as an assault rifle.  He also sees a white horse on the mantle.  She comes back out and asks where they’re going, he says Twin Peaks, Washington.  Carrie says okay…DC?  He says no, Washington state, and she asks if it’s cold, and does she need a jacket?  He says if you have one bring it.  She comes back, and says okay let’s go.

They start driving, and at one point it looks as though someone is following them, but after a while the car passes them.  They stop and get gas, and continue on.  As they pull into Twin Peaks and pass the RR, Cooper asks if she recognises anything.  She doesn’t, and they continue on.  They eventually make it to the Palmer house, and they get out and slowly make their way to the front door.  Cooper knocks, and a blonde older woman comes to the door.  He asks for Sarah Palmer, she says no one by that name lives there.  He asks what her name is, she says Alice Tremond.  He then asks who they bought the house from, and she says the Chalfonts.  Cooper apologizes and they head back to the car.  Carrie looks back up at the house, and Cooper looks down confused.  He then looks up and asks what year it is?  Carrie is looking up at the house, and shakes a little, and starts to scream.  As she screams, all of the lights go out in the Palmer house.


And as the credits start to roll, we then see Laura whispering to Dale in the lodge again.

I don’t know what any of this means for the series, if there is going to be another season, or if this is just supposed to be a never solved mystery.  I’m not mad about the ending, I am confused, and sad.  No answers about Audrey, no Annie at all, no what happens in Twin Peaks with an alive Laura, is this an alternate universe?  Is Carrie Page the missing page from Laura’s diary?  I don’t know what any of this means.

I’ve really enjoyed this season, and it was absolutely thrilling to watch unfold, even if it still ended up pretty folded up.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this recap I’ve been doing this season!  I’m planning on putting some little Twin Peaks themed owls in my shop soon, and they will be entirely what they seem, which is adorable.  Until next time, happy sewing!

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