WIPs wrap up and update!

A look at my works in progress through last week!

I know, who even knew I could write about quilts and things anymore! 😉

I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately; I have reached the end of my craft fair season (I think) for this year, and so I’m not really feeling the urgency to finish anything.  However, with an upcoming trip to Paducah for Quilt week this weekend, I’m starting to feel my finishing spirit kicking back in.  I know that I’m going to want to make everything I see once I go to Paducah, and it’s really going to jump start my sewing, so I need to work on knocking out as much as I can prior to the trip.  Here is a look at what I’ve got going so far, and progress I’ve made.

Repair Quilt:

I’ve finished patching up the holes in the top, and I’ve put a fleece blanket that my brother in law, Jeremy really loved on the back, and turned it to also use it as the binding.  I’m wondering if I should add some quilting or something, just to “attach” the front and the back.

Chili Peppers Quilt Starburst quilt:


336 half square triangles, being sewn into little pairs.

I was using the Missouri Star Quilt Company example to make an “Emerald Isle” quilt but after seeing another pattern that used the same half square triangles but made a starburst type pattern, I have changed the direction of this quilt.  I made a ton of headway on this quilt last Friday at my guild’s Friday night sew-in.


My stock has been greatly cut down after the Tomato Festival, but since I don’t have anything pressing, I’ve just been playing with some new patterns that I haven’t had time to make yet.  I’m just playing around with them, which is fun when you’re not pressed for time.  I do plan on making some dragons and owls to go along with my recaps of Game of Thrones and Twin Peaks that I’ve done this year.

Star Wars Quilt:

Well this project is only a little behind…I’ve gotten it back out to figure out what my husband wanted for the back…and after he realized he was asking for basically a “top” for the back, I’ve gotten a slimmed down version.  I’m planning on getting the fabric I need in Paducah this weekend, so maybe I’ll have it finished before his birthday this year?  I doubt it.

Everything else is just as it was the last it was reported on! 🙂 Until next time, happy sewing!

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