Finish it Fall

A little goal I’m adding for the year!

Today is the first day of fall!!  I’ve decided that for this fall, I’m going to finish up* all of my quilt projects that I’ve got started before fall is over.  Can I even do that?!  Well, I’m going to try my darndest.  Here’s a list of my quilt projects that I’ve started, from most completed to least completed, and I’ll give an update at the end of fall on the progress.  If you want to do this too, let me know!  It’ll be fun!  Right?! 😀


Almost Finished

Repair Quilt

This is the quilt from my brother in law’s great (or possibly more great) grandmother, and it’s nearly finished.  It is just being bound!  Very close to being finished.

Old Timey Baby Quilt

So…this quilt is one that I did to test a pattern from a book, Jo’s Little Favorites II and while I’m not a HUGE fan of the fabrics I chose, I felt they were fitting for the book’s aesthetic.  It’s not an ugly quilt, but I’m just not nuts about it.  So far the top is finished, and it’s basted to some batting.  I’ve got to decide on backing (I think I have) and just baste, quilt and bind!

Top Finished

Star Wars Quilt

This is the quilt I wanted to make for Dax for his birthday last year.  I’ve got the top finished, however I think I’m adding a border to make it just a little bigger.  Dax finally agreed on a back (designing another top for this quilt basically) and I’ve gotten that fabric at Paducah over the weekend.  I’m planning on straight line quilting, so this won’t be so bad.


Triangle Jellyroll Quilt

I have this top finished, it looks great!  I just need some back fabric…and since Hancocks of Paducah decided to close 3 hours early on Saturday I didn’t find any. (rude)  After I find some backing, I’m planning on some quilting that will emphasise the triangle theme.

Blocks Started

Peppers Quilt – Starburst quilt

This quilt has taken a new direction, but I’ve gotten lots of the blocks going, and I’m going to get the top at least finished before the end of the year.  There are just…so many of them!

Triangles Quilt

This…is just so many little triangles!!!  Just have to keep sewing them together.


so many triangles.

Splash Quilt

This is my little scrap buster quilt, and I’ve just got to get my scrap on and finish these “blocks” and get this top to completion!


One day I’ll finish you! 😀

Cross Stitch Quilt

I’m not sure how I’m going to get this to top finished.  There are hundreds of these little X blocks to finish, it’s my least completed quilt so far.

The other two quilts I have listed, the Halloween quilt and the Seahorses and Sand Crabs, I don’t want to start those just to fall to the side like all of these quilts have.  As far as the * in the beginning, I want to get these quilts as close to finished as possible; the quilts that are almost finished, sure just get them completed.  The tops, probably to the quilting process if not completed, the blocks to tops, etc.

I’m giving myself a deadline of Winter, so December 20.  I’m also going to be making plushies too, because hey, they’re my best sellers! 🙂  Anyway, if you want to follow along, I’m hoping to give maybe a bi-weekly update as I continue on my completionist mission.  I’ll probably also start #finishitfall on my shop Instagram (@cutefluffinstitch) so you can keep up on a more frequent basis! 🙂  Feel free to join in and tag your photos #finishitfall I will appreciate the team effort!

Until next time, happy sewing!


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