Finish it Fall Update 1

A look at my fall goals!

Almost Finished

Repair Quilt – ALMOST DONE!

I’ve attached the back, flipped it forward for a new binding, and I need to go over the original quilting with new stitches to firmly attach the back to the front.

Old Timey Baby Quilt – PROGRESS

I’ve gotten this basted and the back picked out!  It’s a great match; it’s a creamy colored piece with some old timey scenes.

Top Finished

Star Wars Quilt – PROGRESS

Dax has agreed to a back layout, and I’ve gotten fabric, so I just have to get it going!

Triangle Jellyroll Quilt

I have this top finished, it looks great!  I just need some back fabric…and since Hancocks of Paducah decided to close 3 hours early on Saturday I didn’t find any. (rude)  After I find some backing, I’m planning on some quilting that will emphasise the triangle theme.

Blocks Started

Starburst quilt – PROGRESS

I’ve gotten lots of the blocks sewn, and I’ve just got to keep sewing on them! 🙂

This isn’t a final color layout, this is just to get an idea of how many blocks I need to sew in each direction.

Triangles Quilt

This…is just so many little triangles!!!  Just have to keep sewing them together.


so many triangles.

Splash Quilt – PROGRESS

At first I’d only had the orange “focal” block finished, but now I’ve completed 3 of the blue blocks (okay one was just a strip!) and I’ve started on a 4th.

Cross Stitch Quilt

I’m not sure how I’m going to get this to top finished.  There are hundreds of these little X blocks to finish, it’s my least completed quilt so far.

I’m giving myself a deadline of Winter, so December 20.  I’m also going to be making plushies too, because hey, they’re my best sellers! 🙂  Anyway, if you want to follow along, I’m hoping to give maybe a bi-weekly update as I continue on my completionist mission.  I’ll probably also start #finishitfall on my shop Instagram (@cutefluffinstitch) so you can keep up on a more frequent basis! 🙂  Feel free to join in and tag your photos #finishitfall I will appreciate the team effort!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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