Everyday Watercolor: A Book Look

A review of a watercolor painting book!

I am always looking for something to give me inspiration in different creative outlets.  I have some watercolor items and I really enjoy watercolor painting, however I never know what I want to paint.  Sure, I could look up things on Pinterest but they’re not going to show me how to create them, and I can’t break apart painting the same way I can with a quilt, so I decided a book would be the best bet!

Everyday Watercolor learn to paint Watercolor in 30 days sounds like maybe they’re a little confident in a reader’s ability by the title, but upon a little reading, Jenna Rainey really had this broken down in a very easy to understand way.  It has everything from explaining warmth and cool tones in colors, tools you’ll want to use, pallet choosing, and even super basics like primary, secondary and tertiary colors!  She’s got a very easy to understand definitions of terms that will be used throughout the thirty days of instructions.

And cute little illustrations throughout!

Not only is this broken down into baby steps, it’s actually so simple to see how you can learn these basic steps, build them up, and create something that looks incredible.  Each “day” you’ll build upon what you’ve learned the day before.  I say “day” because some lessons are only estimated about 15-20 minutes, while some are 30-45 or over an hour.  There are even a couple that are split into multiple days!  But don’t let that worry you!  By the time you get to the longer lessons, you’ll be well equipped!

I’m also really pleased that the lessons are pretty things you may actually want to draw and paint!  There are lots of shapes that you can build upon, plants and animals, and really incredible landscapes.  I’m not talking flat lines and stick trees and flat color skies, I’m talking Bob Ross with a different medium!

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this if you’re looking for something to help get your painting motivated.  Even if you are really experienced with watercolor and are just looking for something to shake things up, this is a really great daily challenge!

This book is available now, and I received this copy from Blogging for Books.


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