Netflix and Sew: Riverdale

I’ve hopped on the train late…but I’m all in.

My last Netflix and Sew show was Southern Charm, and this is pretty different.  I have heard a few rumblings about Riverdale, and I just knew it was some dark version of those Archie comics.


You know, this nerd.

I was an avid comic strip reader as a little girl, but I wasn’t overly interested in Archie or his friend Jughead.  I couldn’t resist when I saw that Twin Peaks alum Mädchen Amick was on the show, and I’ve not been disappointed.  She seems like the very, super over protective mom of Betty, basically swearing off any of her friends and any possible boyfriends, and every time I keep adding in what she’s obviously thinking “I don’t want you getting mixed up with some Bobby Briggs type!” (even though he turned out okay, whatever!)  I’m giggling about it to myself anyway.

So the series starts off, there’s these red headed twins that are giving me some serious Lannister vibes, and one of them ends up missing, supposedly dead.  The school year is about to start, Betty is really excited to see Archie, that she hasn’t seen since last year, which, let me just stop you right here.  BETTY, he lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  You literally look out your bedroom window into his.  What do you mean you haven’t seen him!?  Okay, he’s been working for his Luke Perry dad all summer, but come on!  There’s a new girl that’s just moved to town from New York, Veronica, and there’s Archie’s “roughian” friend, Jughead, and suddenly we have all of our characters from the comics that I was aware existed.  There’s even mention of a dog named Vegas.  (Who names a dog Vegas?)

I (apparently) am a huge sucker for hyped up drama and cliffhangers.  This is probably why I also love those Real Housewives so much, just ridiculous drama blown out of proportions.  Every episode has ended in a “oh yea, well what about THIS”-cut to Riverdale logo/dramatic music.  I’m not mad about it at all!  I’m not even through this first season, but I’m entirely on board.  There are tons of drama, scandal and deeper storylines coming along and I’m completely loving it.  And it’s TV friendly, which is oddly refreshing.  It’s TV-14 which, OKAY…but it’s still light enough break for me, there’s very little cursing and they’re still tackling real issues.

One thing I will comment on is a storyline that I won’t give away, but it involves a girl named Ethel, which is played by the actress that played Barb from Stranger Things.  I won’t give it away, but her storyline literally ends with someone saying “Hashtag justice for Ethel” which I feel like is 100% pandering for all those people who wanted justice for Barb.  I personally didn’t care about Barb, but that’s another show entirely.

If you’re looking for a dishy, teen drama to really take the edge off of this psycho world we live in, fire up the ole Netflix and get caught up with me!  It’s so enjoyable and it is light enough that you can watch it while sewing and you aren’t going to miss some crucial thing.  I hope y’all are having a great week!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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