Happy Things

A look at things making me happy this time of year.

As this year speeds towards the finish line, I wanted to look around myself at the things that make me happy.  Not so much, a thankful type list, just things that make me happy.  There have been a lot of things happen in this year that are completely out of my control, which is something I really have a hard time with, that have not made me happy at all.  Mostly I am unhappy about the world…But instead of letting those things drag me down, I’m focusing on the things that make me happy.


My family went through a lot of changes this year.  I lost my brother in law, which was (still is) very difficult to handle.  I also lost a father figure in my life, again, very tough.  But instead of just sinking down into despair, I’ve been looking at other things.  My little nephews are starting sports, and growing up more every time I see them.  My sister in law is proving to be just as strong as I ever thought she could be and more.  I had a great trip with my mother in law to Savannah for QuiltCon.  I have probably the best husband anyone could ask for that supports me and pushes me to be my best at everything I try.  I  even went on a fun little road trip with my sister,  her kids and her boyfriend!  I’ve even made some building steps with my mom.  While there are some things that will never be fixed, things are on the up and up.


Okay look, this little pup makes me happy every single day he’s alive.  How can he not?!  He’s always so happy to see me, he’s always making me get up and do stuff instead of just sitting around like a bump on a log.  He snuggles up to me and loves me every chance he gets!  He’s not had the best year either (and he’s not even political!); his seizures have gotten to the point where he needs to start medication, but if this works the way it should, his seizures could go down to fewer than they were before, or even gone!

My Guild

So, I’m a homebody.  -SHOCKING!- However, once or twice a month I shlep down to Franklin and meet up with an awesome group of ladies who love quilting just as much as I do!  I have been a bit of a flake this year, but I have never regretted going to a meeting.  These ladies are my friends, and we all have such a great time growing and changing and learning together.

Sewing in General

I love the fact that nearly every little stuffed animal (I haven’t sold all of them 😉 ) that I have made is in the hands of someone that loves it and will cherish it.  I love that so many of my quilts are off in the world, providing warmth and snuggles.  I have had so much fun gathering patterns and dreaming up what I’m going to make, and I’m excited to make even more!  I am very close to getting my Finish it Fall quilts to their goals, and I’m getting ready to make so many new plushies.  I have a couple other quilts that I’m going to want to get going at the beginning of the year, and I’m looking to ramp up my production to make several plushies at one time instead of one at a time.  I’m feeling really good about where my skill level is right now, so I don’t really want to take any new classes or anything.  I love learning new skills, but right now I feel like I know what I need to in order to do what I want to do.

What are some things you’re happy about?  Let me know!  It’s nice to start reflecting this time of year on the year, so get ready for that post coming soon. 😉   Until next time, happy sewing!

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