Finish it Fall update 7

Probably next to last update!

Very little time left!  Don’t worry, I’ll have a final “what I finished, what I’ll work on” kind of post later on, and I’ll keep you updated on each quilt as they go!  I’ve had a cold this past week, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done over the weekend, but I’ll make an effort! 🙂


Repair Quilt – FINISHED!

Old Timey Baby Quilt – FINISHED!

Almost Finished

Star Wars Quilt – Progress

Still working on lining up the front to the back, but it’s kind of a pain so it’s not been top priority. 😮


Top Finished


Triangle Jellyroll Quilt

Same, still need backing, basting, etc.

Splash Quilt – PROGRESS

This top is finished!  Now I just need to assemble the backing, quilt and bind! 😀  Since this pattern was called “splash” and it makes me think of a goldfish in a pond, I chose a fabric that has little fishtails coming out of water. (Michael Miller, Into the Deep, Surf Side)

Blocks Started

Starburst quilt

I’ve gotten lots of the blocks sewn, and I’ve just got to keep sewing on them! 🙂

This isn’t a final color layout, this is just to get an idea of how many blocks I need to sew in each direction.

Triangles Quilt – PROGRESS!

I sewed together all the triangles I had, and I had to go get some more fabric, but now I only have one row left to sew, then trimming up, seeing if I need to make any rows wider, and then sewing the sides on and this top will be finished! 🙂


Removed from Challenge

Cross Stitch Quilt

I knew that this would be a long shot to finish within my time limit, but I wanted to at least include it.  I’m still going to finish it, (duh) but I’m taking it off the list.


I’m giving myself a deadline of Winter, so December 20.  I’m also going to be making plushies too, because hey, they’re my best sellers! 🙂  Anyway, if you want to follow along, I’m hoping to give maybe a bi-weekly update as I continue on my completionist mission.  I’ll probably also start #finishitfall on my shop Instagram (@cutefluffinstitch) so you can keep up on a more frequent basis! 🙂  Feel free to join in and tag your photos #finishitfall I will appreciate the team effort!


Thanks lil guy!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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