2017 In Review

A look  back at 2017 through sewing eyes.

(Because a look through real eyes makes me wish I didn’t have eyes)

This year was a big year for Cute Fluffin Stitch.  I did half as many craft fairs but made over twice as many sales.  I almost sold every single stuffed animal I’ve made this year, and I’ve seen so many smiles and heard so many squeals and “oh my GOD!!!” reactions.  That kind of stuff keeps me going, so thank you! ❤

Here’s a look at my craft fair setups I used this year:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are all of the stuffed animals I made this year:

I also set some pretty lofty quilt goals!  I had a custom order for a queen sized quilt (the largest I’ve made!)  I sold 3 other quilts, and I’ve completed so many other quilt projects.  I really love when people are willing to pay the price for quality work instead of buying $100 “quilts” from Cracker Barrel (don’t even get me started!!!!)  I really enjoy making quilts, and I tend to spend a lot of time with them, so it’s almost sad for me to let them go, but I love that they make people happy.  Again, thank you!

Here are all of my quilts I finished this year:

I work full time, so to get to spend my free time doing something that brings so much joy to people all over the place really makes me happy.  I know that this year has been a real crapper (who knew the year of the dumpster fire was actually just a prequel?!) so being able to make a tiny bit of sunshine possible helps me out a lot.

What kind of year have you had?  In my personal life it was not great, but I still have a lot to be happy about.  It’s always best to remember what you have to be thankful about so this awful world we live in doesn’t absolutely drive you insane.  I  hope you have all had a great year!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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