Goodbye 2017!

You lied to me, 2017!

I wanted to take this time to look back at the goals I set for myself probably around this time last year!  2017 was definitely eventful, mostly trash, but there was a lot of good, too.  Either way, good riddance, 2017!

1: Goal: Life Balance

I think I’ve done pretty well about balancing things out, even if I didn’t accomplish it the way I planned on.  I delegated what I could, said no when I needed to, and set some flexible days for myself.  I DVR all my shows so I watch them on a night if I’m just really tired or need a break, I do tasks each day so they don’t pile up into a weekend of chores, and if I can’t go to yoga, I’ll work out at home.  We’ve also made some extra time to take Al on a few extra walks.



2: Goal: Improve Etsy/ Square Shops

After various improvements and changes with Etsy’s app, I decided to stay on Etsy.  I have done a lot of work to keep my Instagram pretty active and topical, and I’ve tried to keep a theme, which, is very difficult.  Right now my shop is low in stock, but it’s getting down to the core items I want; stuffed animals and quilts.  I actually have a couple of quilts ready to go that I just need to take pictures of and get them listed.


3: Goal: Fitness

While I actually gained weight all year this year, I am getting much closer to a real routine.  I have gotten better about not just eating garbage food, but it’s really challenging.  I know working out is only half of it, and I really have to get my eating under control.  I know a lifestyle change isn’t going to happen in a year, but I’m working on making changes that are going to set things right again.


4: Goal: Finish Sewing

I can say that I did pretty pretty pretty good on this one!  It did take me some time to just write a list and focusing on making what I’ve started and not start new, but I finished several quilts this year, which was amazing.


How did you do this year on your goals?  I’ll have a new list of 2018 goals coming soon, so stick around!  Also, let me know about your goals!  Until then, happy sewing!


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