Winding-Up Winter Update 8

Getting a lot done over here!!!  March 20 is just around the corner!

I spent most of the weekend hiding from bad weather and quilt binding 😀  This week I plan on making so many little X’s 🙂


Splash Quilt


Triangles Quilt


Top Finished

Triangle Jellyroll Quilt

This backing is ready, just sitting in line to be basted, etc.  Also I don’t know if I want to include some extra triangles on the back somehow.  I think it would be a really great way to break the backing up.  It’s just a mottled gray solid piece, which I think contrasts really well with this bright top.


Starburst quilt

I had to take a small break from finishing this up because my backing wasn’t enough to finish the back, so I got more fabric (yay!) to finish it up, so now the back will the a stripe pattern between a kind of gray, tan color that’s in this fabric line and the yellow with daisy print, also in this line. SU-PER-CYYYYUUUUTE!


Blocks Started


Cross Stitch Quilt

This is the least complete quilt.  There are over 200 X blocks in this quilt, and I have two done.  I know this will go together pretty quick once it gets going, it’s just going to take a while.


I’ll continue to post little “live” updates on my instagram (@cutefluffinstitch) and try to post either weekly or biweekly updates here!  Feel free to follow along with #windingupwinter with any of your winter sewing goals as well!  It doesn’t have to be quilts, it could be a cross stitch you’ve been putting off, a scarf or pair of socks you were making, or a painting!  Anything!  Together, we can finish our UFOs!


Thanks lil guy!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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