Winding-Up Winter Update 10


I’m glad to say goodbye to Winter, and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made on these projects!  I didn’t finish as many as I’d like to have, but I finished one that I was pretty sure was a lost cause, I finished my first scrappy, non paper pieced quilt, and I got a lot of headway on my starburst quilt!  Sadly, I still have my illuminati, jellyroll triangles quilt top just waiting to be finished, and now I have a second top just waiting to be finished as well, but I’d much rather have finished tops than half finished blocks.  I’ve been focused on getting as many plushies finished up before my next craft fair, so I haven’t been super quilt focused right now.


Splash Quilt


Triangles Quilt


Top Finished

Triangle Jellyroll Quilt

I really should have been able to make more progress here. 😦 It’s fine, I’ll have it finished up before the end of the year I’m sure.


Starburst quilt

I’m glad that this made it from unfinished blocks to an entire top!  I’m really happy with the progress made, and I’m looking forward to finishing this up. 🙂


Blocks Started


Cross Stitch Quilt – Progress!!!

I’m really happy with the progress  I’ve made on this.  I know that going forward it’s going to be really soothing to just cut and sew this, very similar to how the scrap quilt was just like therapy.  This is going to take a while, but I’m happy with it!  Now that I have enough blocks made to actually play with, I’m really happy with how it’s going to end up.

I hope y’all have enjoyed watching my progress, and sometimes lack of progress!  I’m not going to do a Spring or Summer edition of this blog post, but I’ll update when more progress is made on any of these projects.

Until next time, happy sewing!

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