Giant Sloth

This doesn’t even really need words…

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen my little sloths I’ve been working on over the weekend.  I love them even more than I thought that I would, because hello, SLOTH.


However, I also have a ridiculously blown up version of that pattern…


Yes, that’s my sewing seat and sewing machine.

I just finished him up last night and I don’t know if I’ve laughed so much while making anything in my life.



This pattern is a 4 times blown up version of Choly Knight’s sloth pattern, he took some fandangling with 2 yards of minky for his body, arms, legs and head, and about a half yard for his face and claws.  He took about 7 pounds of poly fil to fill him up.


He’s so big that I can’t really put him in my shop and ship him, but I will have him with me at craft fairs. (until he’s gone!)

Until next time, happy sewing! 😀


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