Booth Preview: Cherry Blossom Festival

They’re calling for rain but I’m not letting that dull my ridiculous levels of decorating!

Maybe if I were a housewife I would get this kind of stuff out of my system and not pile so much onto individual events…but I somehow doubt it.  Last year my Cherry Blossom Festival was just typical, I didn’t do anything really to stand out from a normal event.  I did make my faux cherry blossom limbs, but that was it.

What I’m planning to do this year is a bit extra, so just brace yourself.

Box upgrades:

I’ve decided to give my box shelves a little help.  Kids run up and grab stuff all the time, followed (sometimes) by parents SCREAMING LOOK WITH YOUR EYES, NOT YOUR HANDS! (lol) and sometimes, they knock into my box shelves, and I mean, THEY’RE JUST BOXES!  They will fall over!  So after trying to find something to weigh them down last year by putting things in the bottom, unused boxes, I decided to put some plant…rock base things in the bottom of a few of the boxes to help them sit a little more stable.

I also have added a “background” to my boxes with some poster board that’s printed wood planks.

After cutting down the poster board to size, I had some scrap pieces left over, which I put on a smaller box that fits inside the larger box to make a little shelf!  Now same size plushies all in one box won’t be hidden in the back row!

Booth Additions

I ordered some tent walls to help out with the rain that’s being called for, and I’m really hoping that they help me keep dry!  They’ll come in hand on other events when it’s really windy or a really sunny day so I don’t get a sun burn.

I’ve been working on a little tree stump stool for my booth made from a bucket, some news paper,  and paint, and it wasn’t finished in time for this event, but it’s coming!

I’ve been planning to do some sort of backdrop,  balloon cluster kind of thing including lanterns, balloons, pom poms and a bunch of other stuff, but with the weather being what they’re calling for tomorrow, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to pull it all off safely, so I’m probably just going to hold off until my next event.

I haven’t had the chance to take any pre event booth pictures, but I’m hoping to get a few tomorrow!

If you can come out tomorrow, I’d love to see you!  Until next time, happy sewing!



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