Zen Camera: A Book Look

Sadly, my final book look for a while!

While this book wasn’t exactly what I was anticipating, it was very insightful.  I thought that this book was going to be in a similar vein to the watercolor book that I reviewed, with daily challenges and tips like that, and it isn’t.  It isn’t a bad book, it’s just more about perspective than anything else.

I liked some of the teachings of this book like keeping a daily record, daily observation, and that you don’t have to have some high-priced camera.  However, I didn’t find a lot else to be useful.  That’s not to say it wouldn’t be useful for someone else.  I do like that the author dedicated an entire chapter to practice, and that in the chapter about presence there’s a section just on sifting, editing and refining.  I know that when I first started taking my Etsy shop photos I was taking pictures as if I were taking photos on film and I only had 5 pictures I could take!  A member of my guild told me that she would take several photos of her quilts before she would land on one, and I don’t know why it took someone saying it for me to realize ‘oh yea, I can take a million photos, it’s digital!’

I really think that if someone were needing a lot of help getting started from nothing, this book would be very helpful.  Sadly, I think I don’t have much to take from it.

I received this book through the Blogging for books program, which is sadly shutting down!  I’ve really enjoyed participating in this, even if it was just for a little over a year.


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