Donuts, Penguins & more!

Just a gaggle of nonsense!

I’ve been working away on filling up my stock of plushies, and since I didn’t sell out everything (or anything) at the cherry blossom festival, I may have gotten to a point where I have enough!  It feels really weird.  I went to bed early the other night because I flat out didn’t have anything to work on that was pressing, and I was tired, so I just went to bed!  (A concept that I don’t follow much, going to bed because I’m tired.)

So recently I’ve made a few more little penguins, and actually you can win one (more in a minute) and I’ve made a bunch of little plushie donuts!  These donuts were way too much fun.  I mean, putting different “frostings” and “sprinkles” and “swirls” on them, it was so fun!

Penguin Pattern by Teacup Lion, Donut Pattern by Choly Knight

So this week I’m probably going to make a few different plushies that I don’t need but I want to test out.  I’ve got a squirrel, an otter and a pony that I’m curious about, and I feel like that’s the order from least difficult to most difficult.  I’ll see how that goes.  Monday night I cut out that squirrel pattern, put it on the color minky I want to use, and closed the door.

If you’re wondering how you can win your own little penguin plushie, head on over to my Facebook page, find the pinned post and vote using the 😮 and the ❤ to vote for blue or pink respectively.  Feel free to share so your friends can join in on the fun! (hey what if they win and give it to you?!)  This is only open to US because shipping is kinda nuts overseas, but I’m hoping to be able to do a world wide giveaway at some point.  This giveaway is to celebrate my Facebook page getting over 400 likes, which is pretty great!  I’m picking a winner on Monday, April 30th.

I thought about working on finishing up a quilt this week as well…but all I’ve got to do are backs…that’s no fun!  I could work on my cross stitch quilt, but I’m going to need to find a new show on Netflix to binge before I start working on a new top.

Don’t forget, next weekend (May 5th) I’ll be out in Nashville for the Sevier Park Fest!  Right now I’m going to be set up in the park, but that could change!  I’ll have all of my plushies and quilts out there ready to go home! (including the giant sloth!)



I hope you’re all having a great week!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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