This week!

It’s not been overly eventful, but here you go!

While I was at the Handmade Nashville event two weeks ago, I got a custom order for a pugicorn.


So I got my supplies together, got laryngitis, got better, and GOT TO WORK!  I am so excited because I’ve wanted to make this little puppy pattern, and now I’ve made it, and I got to make it a PUGICORN!!

I’m actually really tickled about making even more little pugs now!  They’re on a waiting list right now, because I’ve got two plushies cut out and ready to be made, but it’s so exciting!  Cute little pudgie pups!  This pattern is by Choly Knight, and it’s really flexible and SO CUTE!!!  This little pup is heading to it’s home on Friday, but it’s not the last one!

I hope you’re all having a great week!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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