Subscription Boxes!

Coming soon to Cute Fluffin Stitch!

A while back I had this silly idea of making a subscription box.  I quickly talked myself out of it  because who would even buy a monthly box of my stuff.  Well, then one of my friends said “you should do a subscription box” and I was like okay well, there’s at least one person.  So I got to thinking, well what would I put into a box?  I’d want to make different levels, and themes!  But how could I make levels?  Well, I decided to make a “regular” box and a “plus” box.  A regular box comes with a medium sized plush, a plush key chain, and a little pin.  A plus box would come with a little bigger plush, a medium plush, a plush key chain and a pin!

I started looking at my patterns and plotting out what kind of themes I could come up with quickly.  Right away I knew I could do a woodland theme!  I have plenty of woodland animal patterns, so that was theme number one!  Then I thought about all the sea creatures I have, and that was box two!  And right behind that, I thought about how simple it could be to make up a couple of small patterns, and bam, SPACE!

While you can’t choose the theme you’ll get, if you buy a 3 month subscription you’ll get all of them, so isn’t that just the safest bet? 😉  And don’t worry, you wouldn’t get the same box or theme twice.

I just dove deep in and started work on getting some things ready to go.


Key chain plushies for sea, leaf and space boxes!  Unstuffed, but a lot of them.

I also decided to put something a little special in the first 10 orders I get, so I ordered some really cute buttons made by Sticker Mule!


I want to give a preview look into each box so you can see what they could potentially be, but I also want them to be a surprise!  Decisions decisions…Should I put potential box pictures in the listing photos?!  Let me know!

Anyhow, I’ll post some more updates as I have them!  I’m looking to have them go live in August, so I’ve got to get busy!!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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