Happy Things!

Because sometimes you really need a reminder!

I’m genuinely disappointed in the state of the country, and most of the people in it!  Anti anxiety medicine can only go so far, deleting Facebook in 2016 helped a LOT, but holding back what I really think is probably giving me a tumor.  I’m not going to off load all of that, but I am going to share some things that are helping me get through.

(I really need to find ways to hygge my ways through the whole year so times like these don’t affect me so much.)

  1. Podcasts – I love going to movies, but honestly, society makes me feel like I’m probably going to die if I go to a movie.  No joke, I’m jumpy and afraid if I hear something in the theater.  I can still watch them at home, but even then I’m probably not going to see like, 1/4 of the movies I want to see.  However, there are podcasts that I’ve found that watch movies, a lot of movies, and they talk about those movies, and I can sort of get some of that movie feeling through those people watching it.  The movie podcasts that I’ve been loving are: Flicksation, The Third Act Podcast, and It’s Only a Podcast.  I also love watching shows on Bravo.  Guess what?!  Podcast for that!  I’ve been watching housewives for something like ten years, and it feels like for the first time I’ve got someone out there in the same ship as me.  Thank you, Watch What Crappens! 🙂
  2. 100 day project – Even though my 100 day project got thrown off track and spaced WAY longer than 100 days, I had such a fun time!  I mean, 100 little things all have a special connection!  Here are some of my favs:


  3. Fall – Here in Tennessee it’s finally feeling like Fall!  It’s taken a while, it’s only a couple weeks behind, but the leaves are falling, it’s getting spooky at night, and it’s so nice outside.  Get your bike out, trust me.
  4. Creativity –  I have had my little creative wheels cranked WAY up lately, and it’s a little hard to keep it all tracked and put into a way that they’ll actually come to fruition, but I’ve got a legit quilt pattern in my head right now that’s really cool, and I am actually thinking of writing it out, having someone else test it, and maybe even selling it.
  5. Exercise – I’ve been going to yoga for about a year, but I’ve decided that I need to up my game because my weight is just going crazy.  Sure, birth control issues didn’t really help, but I think I’m almost completely through the worst of that, and now I just need to really ramp things up and get my weight under control.
  6.  Bonus – Skin Regimen – If I’m going to mention birth control issues, I should also mention that it started ruining my face, so I’ve been doing a 7-8 part skin care routine based on the Korean method every night.  I planned on doing 30 days but I’m kind of addicted to it and looking forward to it every day now, so I might just keep right on doing it.  I’ll probably do a post breaking it all down but for now, just know it’s a lot and it doesn’t take as long as you’d think and my skin feels amazing.
  7. Honorable Mention – Animals on HBO – I almost feel like this show was made for me, and it’s third season just wrapped up on the 5th.  Just a mostly animated show about the animals in New York.  Also an evil super company.

I hope you’re all having a great week, and I hope you’re counting your lucky stars every now and again.  Until next time, happy sewing!

One thought on “Happy Things!

  1. Creativity and turning off the TV are the best medicine! 🙂 Good for you not letting the “STUFF” ruin your life. My hubby is a news junky, and I get enough over the dinner table daily..ugh… I would rather go SEW!!!!

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