Centennial Craft Fest Review!

Looking back at my last craft fair in Nashville!

I spent about 12 hours in Nashville last weekend at a lovely craft fair!  Although it was literally half of the day, it was really great so it went by really fast.

I was in a similar spot to where I was last month, and there was a great crowd!  It started off as a cool, damp day, but it warmed up and was even nicer weather than I think anyone anticipated!  I had a nice sales flow throughout the day, and I am waiting to hear back from a few people about some custom orders.  It’s always fun to see the things people seem to gravitate towards and the things that people seem to like but don’t want to buy, and also how mindsets seem to change.  Last year I sold all the foxes I made, but this year I’ve struggled to sell even one.  One thing that I’m really excited about doing this year is using balloons in my setup.  I know that sounds funny, but kids love balloons.  SO many kids came in because they saw balloons!  It’s probably why car lots have them, people just love balloons.  Unless they’re attached to sewer clowns…but anyway!

In case you’re wondering, giant sloth did come back home with me again! 😀  One day he’ll find  his home I just know it.

I’ll be out again on November 3rd at Track One, so if you’re in Nashville, I’d love to see you out!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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